Tuesday, 1 March 2011

A Massage for Your Mind

As a busy mum, my mind is sometimes trying to focus on half a dozen subjects at once.  At night I find it hard to switch off and sometimes struggle to get to sleep.  I can become forgetful and unfocused.  This doesn't help me juggle all the aspects of my life.  It becomes a vicious circle.

When I was offered a complimentary copy of  Massage for Your Mind to review, I was keen to try a holistic approach which could help with relieving stress, releasing anxiety, boosting self confidence,  aiding positive thought and improving sleep.  It sounded amazing and just what I needed!

The 18 minute mp3, Massage For Your Mind is a Hypnotic Loop which can improve mental calmness, physical relaxation, confidence, competence and better sleep quality.

Listening to Peggy Melmoth's hypnotic script, I was taken down deeper and deeper into relaxation.  The evocative music and sound effects help create an atmosphere of calm.  I was taken on a journey through a woodland with its sights, sounds and smells leading me into a hypnotic state.  After this I'm not exactly sure what happened!  There were affirmations of my abilities, my confidence and my self-esteem, but I don't recall the wording, rather a sense of contentment and calmness.  Being counted back into the room, I awoke feeling like I had had a power nap.  I felt brighter and quite peaceful.  My mind really had been massaged and I felt positive.  I felt as if my mind and body had their batteries recharged.  I'm not sure yet of the long term   benefits, but in the short term I feel pretty confident that it is having a beneficial effect on my wellbeing.

I will continue to use this Massage for Your Mind mp3.  Repetition strengthens the power of the hypnotic suggestion and makes the results more effective. Three sessions a week will keep me chilled out!

A Massage for Your Mind is available to buy as a download for £8.99 from the Holistic Heartbeat download store.  It's a good all round self-help hypnosis mp3 to help you cope with the challenges of everyday life.  It can be used  for general mental and emotional wellbeing or it can be used if you wish to target confidence and anxiety issues.  Well worth a try!


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