Thursday, 17 March 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful

I missed last week's Reasons to be Cheerful because I was making the mammoth trek down south to get a head start on getting to Earl's Court for the Ideal Home Show.  I was a guest of Harveys and got to interview Ken and Tracy Barlow and George Clarke and had an amazing time.  But I missed Michelle's Bloghop...but I'm back this week full of cheer!

1:  Although my little monkey is full of mischief, he fills me with so much joy everyday!  Freddy is getting so chatty...I love this stage.  He is stringing together sentences and has started to sing along with TV theme tunes (his favourite is Special Agent Oso).  He delights me and makes me laugh with his funny antics.  So even if he is crayoning on the 46" plasma TV or deliberately pouring his drink on the floor so he can splash in it...I just look at his little face and realise how lucky I am to have him and smile!

2: We visited my eldest daughter Megan in Manchester on Sunday.  As ever it was lovely to see her, and despite a recent bout of ill health, she was in good form and in high spirits.  She has had her exam results and is currently achieving a First in her Management and Marketing Degree.  Ella is also doing fantastically academically and keeps getting A*s in her GCSE modules.  I am so proud of all my children...I'm so lucky to be so blessed!  I can't wait to see my eldest boy again soon too (the whole family is home for Easter Sunday which just so happens to be my birthday!!  I can't wait...Easter Eggs and Birthday Cake!)

3:  I have had a bit of a reality check this week regarding how much time I spend on my laptop.  I am now spending more time away from the keyboard to engage more with my family.  Sometimes it's easy to just sit typing, tweeting and comping away in the evenings.  You are there in person, but not really available.  I recognised my obsessive/addictive personality trait taking control and decided to switch off more.  We've enjoyed much more time to just talk or watch a film together in the evenings.  My time management is improving.  I've got some lovely review products to test out with the family and we are having fun making videos.  My 8 year old Kizzy is a natural in front of the camera as these two reviews show...EggBods and Molkky.  She's a little star!  So I feel I've got a better handle on my blog/home life balance and am involving the kids in what I'm doing.


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