Monday, 28 March 2011

Rachel's Organic...Made With Love

Rachel's Organic is the organic dairy brand!  With a great range of delicious dairy products, they are dedicated to making gorgeously pure tastes with the very best organic ingredients. From their children's range of wonderful organic pure yogurts for your little ones to their sophisticated, authentic adult flavoured yogurts and desserts, Rachel's Organic has something for everyone.

I was extremely lucky to receive a hamper of dairy goodies from Rachel's Organic to try out Inside the Wendy House.  With my team of Tiny Testers I had plenty of willing helpers ready to tuck in!

Rachel's Organic Yogurt

The 'My First Yogurts' are perfect for weaning from 4-6 months and make a yummy treat for  babies and toddlers.  They are thick and smooth and perfectly blended with pure fruit with no additives.  Strawberry, banana, mango and raspberry flavours introduce baby to different tastes.  Freddy enjoyed eating these on his own with a spoon, slurping up the yogurty goodness!

As taste buds get more adventurous, the 'Taste Explorers' range comes into its own.  The Yogurt Squeezies are fun tubes of pure, tasty organic yogurt in fruity flavours.  As you can suck them straight from the tube they are perfect for lunchboxes.  8 year old Kizzy said "they are extremely yummy and I love that they are organic and healthy.  They taste so delicious and it's more fun eating it from the squeezie tube!"  I gave Freddy one under supervision (they are not recommended for children under 3) and he loved being like his sister sucking the yogurt straight from the tube.  A real hit!

The 'Taste Explorers' Yogurt Mutipack is the same delicious yogurt from the 'My First Yogurts' with the flavours mixed up a bit!  Strawberry and Banana, Peach and Mango, Apple and Apricot and Raspberry and Peach flavours give babies a more exciting fruity flavour to explore.  Freddy was very impressed by the fruity, smooth, no-bits dairy delights.

The 'Taste Explorers' Rice Pudding is an exciting, organic dessert perfect for children from 6 months.  Delicious hot or cold, it is a creamy, textured pudding made from organic rice, sugar, milk and egg.  Wholesome, tasty goodness.  Freddy loved having a rice pudding after his dinner.  He had it cold, straight from the pot and really enjoyed it.  This was his first taste of rice pudding and he definitely is a fan....he takes after me in this.  I adore rice pudding which brings me onto the next product that we taste tested.

'Divine Rice Twinpack' is Rachel Organic's slow-cooked, traditional, creamy rice pudding.  With less than 5% fat and 130 calories in the pot, I didn't even feel guilty tucking into this.  As I mentioned, I adore rice pudding and I have such fond memories of my Mum's rice puddings, so I was excited about sampling this product.  Oh my goodness!!  When they say it is "divine" they are not exaggerating!  It was so creamy, rich and had just the right level of sweetness.  It was really gorgeous and I cannot rave enough about how good it was.  My only complaint was that I finished it!  It totally knocks the socks off any shop bought rice pudding I've ever eaten (and I've eaten a fair few in my quest for the perfect rice pudding dessert!)  Brilliant!

We also had two pots of Rachel's Organic 'Greek Style Yogurt'.  These family sized pots contained extra thick, creamy Greek yogurt flavoured with Coconut and Honey.  The Coconut Flavour contained creamed coconut and coconut pieces for a textured treat.  It was quite a stunning, sophisticated yogurt taste sensation with a tropical twist!  We ate it on its own but it could be used mixed with fruit or cereals or even spooned onto curry. There is a fab recipe for Chocolate and Coconut I'll be getting some more to try it out!   The Honey Flavour was Daddy's favourite!  The honey is collected from the foothills of the Himalayas and blended with the rich, creamy Greek yogurt.  It was an authentic, adult flavoured yogurt that Ian happily polished off.

All the products we were given to try were thoroughly enjoyed.  As a mum, I was delighted to know that they were all made from organic milk  with no artificial additives, colours, preservatives or flavourings.  Dairy products provide calcium which is essential for strong teeth and bones, and the probiotic cultures in the yogurt help maintain a healthy digestive system.  The health benefits are all very positive and the "made with love" ethos of Rachel's Organic inspires confidence in the products.

Check out Rachel's Organic Facebook Official Fan Page  for news, information and more fabulous recipes.  Don't forget to say Hello and tell them you came from Inside the Wendy House!


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