Monday, 7 March 2011

Listography...5 Books for Toddlers


What a cute theme for a list!  I've had 22 years of baby book buying and have spent a fortune with the Book People and Red House.  I love baby books so much.  I love the pictures.  I love the sing song text. I love sharing them with my littlies and see them run their chubby little fingers along the words as they come to realise that the strange squiggles actually mean something!  I love it when the older children read to the younger ones and pass on favourite stories.  Books play a big part in our household, we have a Tidy Books Bookcase that I won just before Christmas.  It is filled with board books, lift the flap books, noisy books and story books.  Freddy sits down and pulls a book out and usually exclaims "Oh Wow!" as he opens the pages.  I hope his love of books continues and that he becomes a book worm like his sisters.

Sharing a story with Daddy.
Here are my pick of the top 5 books for babies that have received my kids' seal of approval!  We've enjoyed many an hour pouring through these books.

1:  Bears in Pairs is over 20 years old now and is still much loved with its rhyming couplets describing the bears on their way to a tea party.  "Tall Bear, Small bear, Hairy bear, Scary bear!"  The pictures are charming and my children have enjoyed trying to find all the bears on the final page showing them all at the tea party.
2: With a daughter called Megan, we had to buy the whole set of Meg and Mog books.  The quirky illustrations and the funny stories have had my children riveted.  We particularly like the one where they visit the vets.  

3: Animal Pants will help nurture a love of toilet humour in even the youngest child.  We learn that skunks have smelly pants and a chameleon's pants change colour!  The brilliant illustrations are bold and bright.  It's a real favourite in our household!
4: Elmer the colourful elephant is such an appealing character who wants to look like everyone else so he rolls in berry juice.  I'd be glad to sport my patchwork colour scheme if I was's a funky Boho look!
5: The Ravenous Beast was Freddy's first favourite book that he shared over and over again with his Daddy.  The animals all try to out-hungry each other until the ravenous beast comes along and scoffs the lot of them!  Love it!


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