Saturday, 26 March 2011

Listography...Time Machine Destinations

This week's Listography theme, courtesy of Kate, is Places I'd Like to Time Travel To!  The past and the future are available for our fertile little imaginations to explore. So I'm hopping into my imaginary DeLorean in true Back to the Future style...I'm firing up my Flux Capacitor and heading to my top moments in history past and present.

1:  22nd December 2012

I really want to tell my 8 year old that the Mayans got it wrong!  They didn't predict the apocalyptic end of our planet on the 21-12-2012....they merely got bored chiselling 5000 years worth of calendars and gave up. They used cocoa in the Mayan why would they sit chiselling indefinitely when they could have been eating chocolate!  I could put everyone's mind at rest and start planning the best ever Christmas knowing we'll still be in one piece!

2:  1608-ish

The Globe Theatre in London would be putting on the latest play by Shakespeare.  I'd be there in the posh seats away from the commoners, who would be a little too smelly and rowdy for my taste!  I'd watch Macbeth exactly how the playwright intended.  You don't get much more culturally perfect than that.  Yes, I am a Bard geek.

3:  August 4/5th 1962

I am a huge lover of conspiracy theories. 911, Roswell, Princess Diana, OJ, the real Titantic story, the Moon landing....I can't get enough.  But the untimely death of Marilyn Monroe is one of the greatest mysteries embroiling sex, scandal and politics.  A real celebrity extravaganza where real life was more fantastic than any work of fiction.  The time line of the day she died has so many inconsistencies and certain facts just don't add up.  I'd love to be a fly on the wall (or a blogger in a DeLorean) at Marilyn's Brentwood home that night!

4: 1972

David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust tour....the rise of the cult of Bowie.  Oh to have been there!

And while I was in the era, I'd pop across to visit 3 year old me because I was a cute little chubster and I'd like to give myself a hug (as long as it wouldn't cause a paradox or a rift in the space-time continuum or anything similar!!)

5: Year 3000

If it was good enough for Busted, then it's good enough for me!!  I remember being at school as a kid and dreaming about the utopian society of the Year 2000 with flying cars and hover bikes.  It didn't quite materialise in the way I had anticipated leaving a deep seated disappointment in my heart that no number of floppy discs, silicone chips or dial up modems could  allay.  Maybe, just maybe by the year 3000 my utopia will have been realised and I can have the fantasy vision of my childhood realised!  I'd like to check it out just in case.  If not I'll just check out my future descendants and see how a thousand years has affected my genealogy. I'd love to see if my Jones chin and green eyed genes were still holding out!!

Where and when would YOU go????


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