Saturday, 19 March 2011

The "Swap and Save" Shopping Challenge

If you are anything like me, you will have been totally dismayed to see your food shopping bills sky rocket in the last few months.  I consider myself to be a careful shopper, buying things when they are on special offer, but the weekly cost of my family's everyday essentials has risen by a huge 30%+!  Factor in the cost of petrol and our family's budget is being over stretched like never before.

I was contacted by Premium Supermarket Discounter Aldi to see if I was interested in testing some items from their Everyday Essentials range and trying out Swap and Save.  The idea being to test out one of Aldi's low priced products against the top branded equivalent.  They say you could save up to 40% of your food bills a week, without compromising on the quality! Sounds good!!

I am not an Aldi shopper myself, but my parents swear by it.  So they were very excited by the prospect of me testing out a selection of goods for myself.  I would get to try like brands for cheaper prices...for example take their Baked Beans.  Priced at just 29p they are a fraction of Heinz's 64p price tag.  Or the Tomato Ketchup which Aldi sell for 69p as opposed to Heinz's £1.95!

Aldi has ranked third in the Which? Customer Satisfaction Supermarket Survey 2011 for its excellence in pricing, quality and customer service.  It beat all the big four supermarkets, finishing only behind Waitrose and M&S.  It scored 5/5 for pricing and was noted as offering "brand quality products at everyday, exceptionally low prices" with shoppers saying they had seen their food bills slashed by a third!

So over this week we will be trying out 'Swap and Save' Inside the Wendy House.  This will include some fun, blind tastings as well as using some ingredients in my everyday meals.  Aldi have provided all the products for my 'Swap and Save', but you can be sure of an honest and clear account of our experience!

Stay posted for our Swap and Save Vlogs at Inside the Wendy House!


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