Sunday, 13 March 2011

Elias Super Wipes...First Aid for Clothes

Ever since I received my pack of Elias Super Wipes to review, I've been waiting to have a spill on my clothes in order to test them out!   Finally today the moment I had been waiting for arrived!  A sizeable splodge of chocolate ice cream found its way onto my top.  Without wasting a moment I was there with an Elias Super Wipe in my hand.  The wipe was a really good size and really moist.  I set to work rubbing over my brown stain with a circular motion and was amazed to see it immediately lighten.  It really was disappearing before my eyes!  It says on the packet to allow 10 minutes for the best result. It really did effectively deal with my mishap, and my top went into the laundry to emerge as good as new. Chocolate ice cream was the ultimate test, that stuff stains anything it touches, but thanks to Elias, my top lives to be worn another day!

Elias Super Wipes are handy wipes which remove food stains from clothes and deal with unexpected spills.  It's like First Aid for your clothes!  Perfect for popping in your handbag when out and about.  No more dabbing at dribbled dinner mess with napkins or washing off wine spills in the Ladies' then contorting yourself to get dried under the hand drier!  The value of Elias Super Wipes with children is messy little puppy is constantly covered in his meals.  Next time some spaghetti sauce goes down his front I'll be ready thanks to Elias.

The wipes can be used on a wide range of fabrics but not if they say "do not bleach" on their care label.  They are effective on food and drink stains when dealt with immediately.  Elias Super Wipes are not for personal hygiene use and are not edible.  So exercise caution around little ones.

Priced at £2.49 for a pack of 5 (plus 99p p&p) from Elias, they can save you money on professional cleaning costs or form replacing stained garments.  If you live in London they are available to purchase at Elias Cleaners stores.  They will be stocked in major UK retailers in the near future!

Check out this video for further information on Elias Super Wipes.

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