Sunday, 27 March 2011

Mum's The Word...An Early Morning Must Have!

Perricone MD Cosmeceuticals is the brainchild of Dr Perricone, who is an expert on dermatology and anti-ageing.  They produce groundbreaking award winning facial skincare products.  The Cosmeceutical range is a collection of skin treatments which go beyond a simple cosmetic.  The inclusion of gentle, non-evasive, all natural compounds actively promotes healthier skin which can stay beautiful for a lifetime!

As a dermatologist to some of the most famous faces in the world, Dr Perricone was asked to create a foundation that would let the skin's natural radiance shine through.  No Foundation Foundation was born.  Created to make skin look dewy and flawless, No Foundation Foundation is a multi-purpose product that provides translucent coverage, corrects skin undertones, instantly smooths fines lines and boosts skin's natural moisture throughout the day, all the while delivering antioxidant benefits.  A non-chemical SPF 30 delivers protection against skin damage and it is suitable for even the most sensitive skin.  The light universal shade suits all and allows healthy skin to glow while hiding flaws.  It is a fool proof, easy to use light foundation that ensures you can leave the house in the morning with a flawless glowing complexion in an instant!

I was sent a 30ml bottle of No Foundation Foundation to test.  I am not a good morning person!  School days are a hectic rush without much me-time.  Most days it's OK to leave the house in a mess and hide in the car as I do a stop, drop and run drive-by.  However, on those days where I go on to the shops or to see friends, I am all too conscious of my slovenly appearance.  This is made worse by the fact that I have a friend who is always immaculately made-up with a full face on everyday.  I really do need all the help I can get in the make-up department.

The brown glass bottle looks quite functional with its no-nonsense label.  A pump dispenser top allows for a mess free application.  The plain cream box looks very isn't covered in pictures of over made-up models or promises of instant beauty or fancy advertising slogans. However, it now displays the accolade of winning the Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards last year for Best Tinted Moisturiser.  They say "..makes your face look airbrushed...genius!"  It also won the Image Beauty Award for Best Natural Finish for "giving a sheer, stunning finish."

I've used this product all week now. The beauty of this No Foundation Foundation is that it is so easy to apply.  Being translucent it goes on flawlessly as you apply it in a circular motion over your skin.  Unlike Matte products which can leave harsh lines if not properly blended in, the No Foundation Foundation just works perfectly with your skin leaving  it looking ultra natural and refined.  I hate the 'mask-like' feeling of heavy foundations, but I felt like my skin could breathe with this product.  It felt fresh and light.  It also made my skin feel hydrated and moisturized.  The anti-ageing element of this product is a real positive.  It means I am moisturising and putting on my make-up in one step which is a time saving pick me up.  With my complexion looking healthy and glowing, I don't look made-up (which is not a look I strive for) I just look more polished.  I really love it!

With an average of 4.5 stars out of 5 based on 171 reviews, this is a much loved, make-up bag must have.  It costs £45 which puts it into a more expensive price bracket than many high street brands.  However, this is so different to anything I've used before.  I love that it is natural, I love that it is light and easy to use and I love that it makes me look more polished in the morning.  I also love that it is anti-ageing and that it protects my skin from the sun.  As a busy mum, it means looking good doesn't have to be sacrificed due to having a hectic morning.  I've never really been passionate about cosmetics but I could see myself falling in love with Cosmeceuticals!

It is loved by the industry, loved by its users and loved by celebrities such as Uma Thurman.  Having used it I can understand why!

Check out the website for more information, more amazing products and to purchase No Foundation Foundation.


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