Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Schleich Wildlife and Farm Animals

Learning about animals opens up a fascinating world for children and with Schleich’s vast collection of farm and wild life animals, little ones can learn as they play. With an extensive range of beautiful animal figures, Schleich puts the world in children's hands, allowing them to play, explore and discover.

Schleich animals are perfect for collecting and collections can be added to to create an entire play world for children to enjoy. Ready-to-play sets and accessories add extra elements to the play value and with new animals and accessories being added year after year, children's collections can grow alongside their imaginations.

I love the Schleich animal figures. The attention to detail is enhanced by the high quality paintwork that brings each animal to life. Children can learn so much about the animal kingdom through their Schleich collection and engage in imaginative games. We've collected Schleich animals for many years and they have been played with by each of my children. They are so well made they last for years so are a great investment that I can see being played with for many more years to come by the next generation of our family.


We were delighted to receive an Indian Rhino, a Lion, a Black Bull and a Fresian Cow to add to our collection. As expected, each figure is beautifully made with realistic detailing and quality paintwork. The Schleich animals are solid with a good weight, making them sturdy and robust and able to withstand being played with, even by younger children aged 3 and over, making them perfect for pre-schoolers, introducing them to the animal kingdom.


The Indian Rhino has wonderfully realistic, textured skin, while the Lion has a very detailed mane and whiskered face. The Cow and Bull are a lovely pair with their hooved feet, gentle eyes and long tails. The anatomical realism is very well observed in each animal figure.


The Lion has an RRP of £5.99 and the Rhino, Cow and Bull are £7.99 available from


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