Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Movie Meme...Favourite Actor

This week, Hannah is asking us who our favourite actor is.  I was poorly yesterday with a horrible sicky bug...bleurgh!  So I'm playing meme catch up.

Tom Hanks is up there as a favourite with his fabulous portrayals of Forrest Gump, Joshua Baskin, Paul Edgecombe and Woody!!  His body of work is faultless. But although I love the films, he isn't necessarily one of those actors I'm interested in personally, which I think is part and parcel of the "favourite" label.

Obviously Brad Pitt would be a good choice because not only is he eye candy but he can also act...mostly!  His "on the edge"  characters are brilliant.  Tyler Durden and the crazy guy in Twelve Monkeys were amazing....but Mr and Mrs Smith....not so much!  I avoid watching that film at all costs...the first ten minutes were enough for me. Plus I can't forgive him for packing in Jennifer Aniston!

An actor who had both the appeal of Mr Hanks and the beauty of Mr Pitt was Heath Ledger.  I cried when I found out he had died...he was so beautiful, so talented, so promising, yet so fragile.  He had only just found his stride when he accidentally OD'd.  His darkness and inner turmoil  made him an amazing artist, but also foreshortened his amazing career.  We were robbed when he died, his best was surely yet to come.

All this chit chat aside, my favourite consistent actor who really never fails to please has to be Bruce Willis.  His wise cracking, hard arsed characters are always so watchable, and he really works the white vested look.  I used to watch Moonlighting as a kid which was the real must see programme of the '80's.  Then came the Die Hard films "Yippee Ki Ay"! The Last Boy Scout, Hostage, Last Man Standing, Twelve Monkeys, Sin City, Armageddon, Lucky Number Slevin, Sixteen Blocks and The Fifth Element are all brilliant action films, each with its own edge!  But Sixth Sense has to be his greatest role for me.  I sobbed so hard at the cinema I had to stop off at M&S on the way home to buy a cheesecake which I consumed in its entirety to comfort myself.

Bruce is so, so pretty.  The perfect bald man...if Ian ever starts balding he is going to shave his head Bruce Willis style.  I also love his private he is friends with Demi and cool is that! And he was in Friends, so he really is the full package.  He fulfils all my criteria for being my favourite actor!


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