Sunday, 13 March 2011

Oxo Tot Feeding Range

 Oxo is an American brand that has been producing innovative household tools and gadgets for the home for over 20 years!  They design products as solutions to help ease everyday tasks. Well now Oxo have applied this principle to develop a fantastic range of bright and functional Baby and Toddler products.  Their Mealtime Feeding Range provides products designed with the future diners' needs in mind. From their practical Sprout Highchair to a range of spill-proof cups to weaning and self feeding their modern and unique take on feeding essentials is both aesthetically pleasing and perfectly practical.  Available in Aqua, Orange and Green, these original products have won numerous design awards.

I was delighted to be offered the opportunity to try out the Oxo Tot Training Plate and Cutlery with Freddy.  When it arrived I was instantly impressed by the really original look and feel of the products.  The minimalist packaging wasn't wasteful or excessive.  I liked the simplicity of the logo and pack design.

oxo tots

The Training Plate is a good size for a toddler and has an ingenious removable ring that gives the plate a lip to help your little one chase food around the plate...perfect for peas and other tricky food!! It minimizes mess at meal times.  It can be removed when the toddler gets more efficient, so it will grow with your child.  The plate is weighted for extra stability and features a non-slip base.  This versatile plate helps your tot become an independent feeder.
Oxo Tots

The Fork and Spoon Set is ideal for little hands with its chunky, easy grip handles and slightly angled heads.  They have no sharp edges and the prongs on the fork are rounded.  The deep spoon helps an easy scooping technique and the fork safely pierces food to maximize the transition to grown-up cutlery.  A flat spot on the back of the handles stop the cutlery from rolling away...simple but really clever and thoughtful.

Oxo tots

The products are BPA, phthalate and PVC free which is something I strongly support.  They are also dishwasher safe.

So, how did Freddy get on??  I think the following video can demonstrate just how great this range is!  He was able to use the raised edge to help get the food on his fork.  It showed that Oxo had really thought about what a toddler needs to gain independence and the action of chasing food against the edge of the plate was very instinctive to Freddy.  The cutlery was really easy for him to hold and manipulate.  I was really impressed!  


Oxo Tot Feeding Range is available to purchase from Amazon and Kiddicare.  The Training Plate is £6.00 and the Fork and Spoon Set is £6.00.  A Feeding Set is also available which includes both items plus a lidded bowl for £15 from Kiddicare.  I love this range and would recommend them to any mum with a toddler who is learning to eat independently.  Freddy is doing really well with it.  The design features really have made a difference to how well he can feed himself.  Thank you Oxo Tot!!


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