Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Molkky...outdoor fun for the whole family!

We are really thrilled to have been sent a set of the new, exciting outdoor game Molkky to try out Inside the Wendy House from Helen at Regards Rainbow.  Already a big hit in Finland, it is being launched in the UK by Tactic Games.  It's like a cross between Skittles and bowling with a twist and will bring families together to enjoy fresh air fun.  The secret of its success is that it can be played on many levels with a variety of skills and strategies that allows mum and dad to play along happily with their youngsters.

The set consists of 12 beautifully made numbered wooden skittles and  a throwing pin.  The skittles are arranged in a tight group and the throwing pin is tossed underarm to knock them down.  For skittles knocked completely flat, you are given a score equivalent to the number on them.  The pins are then stood back up in the position where they have been knocked to, spreading them further out. The aim is to score exactly 50 points.  If you go over you are penalised by having your score set back to 25 points.  If you miss three times you are disqualified.  Sounds easy...or does it???

Molkky, outdoor games
The Molkky Pins ready for action!

I was really impressed when I received my Molkky set.  It was well packaged with minimum wastage.  The wooden crate and game pieces are handcrafted from solid natural Finnish pinewood from replenishable forests making them eco-friendly.  They really are beautifully made.  The instruction booklet gives full details on how play and also contains a scoresheet.  You can even get an iPhone app for scoring Molkky!
Throwing Molkky underarm.

It is suitable for young and old alike, bringing the whole family together outside in the garden, the park or on the beach.  The game can help develop physical skills and co-ordination, whatever your ability.  Devising strategies and using mathematical skills aids children's learning. Molkky really is great on many levels!
Molkky, garden games
Standing up the pins.

So these are the watch how we got on when we played Molkky!

The game was a lot of fun.  It was definitely not as easy as I thought it would be...scoring exactly 50 points is tricky.  Strategies and skills came into play...along with a bit of luck!  It will definitely be something we play as a family, giving us a something to enjoy outside in the fresh air.  Everyone can get involved whatever their age or ability.  I'm looking forward to some Molkky tournaments in summer!

Kizzy age 8 says "It is a really fun game and I highly recommend it.  Finland definitely make fab games!"

Molkky is available from Amazon  RRP £39.99


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