Sunday 6 March 2011

We Love Our Pre Shoes!

Pre-Shoes xxx
Freddy has become the proud owner of a gorgeous pair of 'Young Farmers' Baby Shoes courtesy of  Pre Shoes.  We were sent these beautiful little booties to review, and I can honestly say it was love at first sight for Freddy when he saw the fun tractor design and vibrant colours!

They arrived presented in a transparent zip up bag with a neat carry handle.  The design was brilliant with a tractor on one foot and a trailer on the other.  I was ohhing and ahhing from the moment they arrived.  Not only is the design unique and quirky, it also means I'll never get the left and right shoes mixed up (a real plus for the spatially challenged among us!!)

Freddy really has taken a shine to his Pre Shoes.  At 18 months old, he is a great little walker but his outdoor shoes are quite clompy and restrictive for wearing all day long.  These soft soled leather shoes are so easy to wear and comfortable, that Freddy loves wearing them.  For running, crawling, playing and climbing, these Pre Shoes are proving an excellent choice!

They are made of soft, top quality leather that allows baby's feet to breathe, keeping them warm in winter and cool in summer.  The anti-slip suede sole is perfect for when learning to walk or toddling...and is especially good on laminate floors.  They are durable and flexible allowing baby's little feet to move and tiny toes to grip, giving unrestricted movement, perfect for play time!  The elasticated comfort band keeps the shoes snugly in place without the need for annoyingly fiddly laces or buckles.

They fit Freddy really well and are generously sized.  They are available in four sizes from newborn up to 24 months.  They would make a perfect gift idea for birthdays, christenings or for a new arrival.  The range has so many fun and funky designs for both boys and girls in a whole spectrum of colours, there really is something for everyone.

The Pre Shoes can be worn inside or out.  I've found them invaluable for travelling in the car or the buggy because they are so light and comfortable on Freddy's feet.  They are excellent for playing indoors as I don't worry about him clambouring on the furniture (in true boyish style) as they are soft and have no buckles to catch or snag the sofa (or himself!)  Freddy has tested his shoes hard and they still look great.  The sole is fairing up excellently to his abuse and the stitching is still perfectly intact.  They are very well made, excellent quality and creatively designed shoes.

My only wish is that I'd discovered them sooner.  I love them!  Freddy loves them!  People comment on them because they look so cool!  I highly and wholeheartedly recommend Pre Shoes.  This video shows Freddy having some boisterous fun whilst wearing his Pre Shoes.

The shoes that Freddy was sent to review are Pre Shoes Young Farmer Baby Shoes priced at £15.99 and available to purchase online at Pre Shoes.

*Pre Shoes work closely with the Leather Centre to ensure the highest quality of standards.  The leather is tested and awarded the Leathersure Mark.  Although I am a vegetarian, I use leather products because I think that leather is often the best material for the job.*


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