Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Egg Bods for Easter

Egg Bods, Easter

There are some colourful new characters in town just in time for Easter...they are the EggBods!  All the way from Planet Egg there are eight different  Mix and Match cute collectable characters available from Bluw Toys.  

With quirky characters such as Captain Hard Boiled the fearsome pirate to singing sensation Eggs Factor, there is an EggBod for everyone.  You can have great fun by mixing and matching their heads with other EggBod bodies to create brand new characters.  

Once you've made your ideal EggBod creation you can bring them to life by winding them up and watching them walk and move their little arms.  With such cool interchangable designs, the play value is great.  Swap them around, wind them up and have fun!

We have been really lucky to have been sent two EggBods to review!  We have got Fireman Scramble and Eggalina Ballerina!

According to, where each EggBod is introduced with its own story,  Fireman Scramble is ready to come to the rescue at any time.   He's got his extinguisher to put out flames and rides around in his big red fire truck, ready to save the day!  Eggalina Ballerina is the most brilliant ballerina on Planet Egg.  She's danced in the "Shell Cracker" and "Egg Lake".  There's no dance move she can't do!

The arms and heads are easy to switch around and the winding mechanism works well.  (No batteries needed for this toy!!)  They are recommended for ages 4 and up.  18 month old Freddy loved the Fireman EggBod...but only under close supervision as it has small parts.  He giggled when it walked across the floor!  Kizzy is 8 and she enjoyed using the characters in elaborate stories that she made up.  They really did fire up her imagination and the love story between the coy ballerina and the brave fireman was worthy of Hollywood!!

The EggBods are really appealing, cute and fun.  They are the perfect size for popping in a pocket or rucksack when out and about.  They are good quality toys and are well designed and original.  At £4.99 each from toy retailers they are great value and would make an eggs-cellent Easter present for boys and girls.  With 8 to collect there is an EggBod that will be appeal to everyone!



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