Friday, 30 September 2011

My Big Fat Blogaversary Winners

After sorting through some 348 entries and giving double entries to tweeters, I've finally picked the four winners of my Big Fat Blogaversary Competition! Phew!!

Penn StateWinner:  @DawnCosten

Swingball Winner: Sonia  @mummy_loves

Scooter Winner:  Lisa Troccoli

Brother Max Winner (redrawn):  @Jjones

Please email your details to me at and I will pass your details to the PR companies for dispatch of your fabulous prizes!

Well done and thanks to everyone who supported my giveaway!

If I do not hear from my winners within 7 days I reserve the right to redraw.

Rainbow Awards for Toy Excellence...The Winners

Today, the results of the Rainbow Toy Awards were announced.  Over the past few months, testers have been giving toys a thorough and rigorous testing. Children across the country have been enjoying the toys and the parents or carers have relayed the results back, thinking about play value, quality, longevity, the packaging and value for money.  The results have been collated and the winner and highly commended runner up announced in each of ten categories.

With Christmas coming, here is the list of Rainbow Award winning toys which will help you make an informed choice when shopping for presents!

Soft Toy Winner
Oobicoo by
Ages 3 years +.

Wooden Toy Winner
High Tea Shape Matching by Tidlo by John Crane
Ages 3 years +

Games Winner
Ruckus Funsize
Ages 8 years +

Wheeled Toy Winner
Fix and Learn Speedy by Leapfrog
Age 18 mths +
Electronic Toy Winner
Leap Pad Explorer by Leapfrog
Ages 4-9  years
Puzzles Winner
iBall3 by HTi
Ages 8-80

Pre-School Toy Winner
Duplo Police Station by Lego Duplo
Ages 2-5 years
Outdoor Toy Winner
Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket
Ages 12 months +
Arts and Crafts Winner
Cleverbox by Cleverbox Club
Ages 3-9 years

Educational Toy Winner
Count and Draw by Leapfrog
Ages 3+

For full details on the winners and the highly commended toys with stockists go to

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Unleash Your Inner Rock God with Paper Jamz

At Christmas in July, I first discovered Paper Jamz,  WowWee Toys's range of innovative, instant rock star musical instruments.  Created using Active Graphics Technology™, touching the circuit embedded paper allows you to play like a pro.  With guitars, amps, drums, keyboard guitars and microphones, the Paper Jamz range allows you to play your instrument of choice or sing like a star instantly.  We enjoyed belting out some power chords and using vocal effects on our voices and were impressed by the quality and play value.

Christmas in July
I was lucky enough to receive a Paper Jamz Pro-Series Guitar and  Pro-Microphone from WowWee toys which my music loving kids have enjoyed testing out!  

The Paper Jamz Pro- Series Guitars are ultra thin, with an internal speaker, pre-programmed songs to play along to and with real guitar sound features.  They come in different shapes and designs so you can find the perfect one for your inner axe-man!  You can play freestyle with real chords and notes; play rhythm  or strum along to a downloaded tune (using the free Paper Jamz Pro app).  You can also perform hammer-ons, pull-offs and slides.  This toy really does beat playing air guitar!!

ThePaper Jamz Pro-Series Pro Microphone lets anyone sing like a star using voice effects which correct pitch, tunes your voice, adds depth, harmonies and dramatic vibrato effects.  It comes with two songs to sing along to or you can use the app to download your own favourite MP3s.

Kizzy demonstrates the Paper Jamz Guitar and Mic in this video...unleashing her inner rock star!

Paper Jamz are definitely a big hit in our house.  They are really simple to just pick and play and make you feel like a rock god in the making!  They are great for us non-musical types who want to embrace what it must feel like to hammer out power chords with wild abandon or sing like a pop star along to our favourite tunes.  You don't need any real skill to make a reasonable sound so even younger children can enjoy playing with them.

I would have liked to have seen the guitar come with a strap for ease of play.  They are however available to purchase separately.

Paper Jamz are available from Amazon, Argos and other good toy stockists.  Find out more at the Paper Jamz website.

The Guitars start at £19.99 RRP and the Microphone is £34.99 RRP.

Find Paper Jamz and WowWee Toys on Facebook.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Playplax is Back

Back in the sixties, Patrick Rylands invented the iconic British made toy Playplax.  By 1970 it had sold over one million copies.  The creative and imaginative game consisted of vibrantly coloured interlocking squares which are used to create all manner of objects from towers to castles to planes to ships.  As a child I coveted Playplax, but never got to own my own set.  That is until now.

Playplax has been brought back to a whole new generation by Portobello Games.  In a world of technology it is nice to see a toy which requires no battery, no buttons and has no electronic sounds. It works purely using a child's imagination.   Manufactured to replicate the first edition, it has been lovingly recreated using British manufacturers and suppliers, making a game that is as relevant now as it was back in the '70's.


The gorgeous, see-through, coloured squares are packaged in a box designed by design guru and friend of the inventor Brian Webb.  It has been such a labour of love bringing back Playplax.  Founder of Portobello Games, Lucy Baring calls Playplax "the best designed toy ever" and is a big fan of the timeless, iconic construction game.

Playplax is an open-ended toy that does not dictate how it is played with, it fosters imagination and has the potential to be different each time it is played.  It is suitable for girls and boys aged 3 and up (and is perfect for design mad teens and adults too).  It is as simple or as complicated as the child wants it to be.

My husband was very excited by the arrival of our box of Playplax that we received to review.  He remembered it fondly from his childhood.   He set to work with Kizzy and Ella to build some models using the chunky, colourful pieces.

A colourful tower.
The 48 pieces in five jewel colours are durable and sturdy.  They interlock easily and hold together in the shapes you construct.  It can sometimes be a bit frustrating as the pieces don't stick together firmly and can slip apart very easily in your hands.  So I think it is possibly better for children older than the recommended 3 years old. Older children can manipulate and hold the squares to create the more complex models.  Playplax can be quite challenging, but I think it adds to the play value and certainly kept 9 year old Kizzy and 15 year old Ella entertained as they created some really interesting shapes.  It really made them think and puzzle out the use of shape and colour to make some stunning geometric models.

play plax
Geometric shapes.
Priced at just £15.99 from Amazon and direct from, it would make a great Christmas gift for any creative child.  I love the simplicity, the design and the vibrant colours. I love how the light shines through the squares.   This toy will last for years and be a firm favourite in any household.  It will definitely be in ours!


In my dreams I am minimalist.  My decor has a simplistic style with clean lines and a contemporary feel.  I am ultra modern and chic and my home is an oasis of order.  The flow of  light respects the space and showcases my key pieces of furniture.

In reality, my home is the antithesis of this.   Five kids and a husband who hates throwing away anything 'that might one day be useful' has meant that my fantasy self has never existed.  'Things' are my nemesis.  Things are everywhere...every room has an abundance of them.  Hundreds of things without homes that invade every nook, cranny and corner of my four bedroomed home.

Freddy's toys are an ever growing community in search of a space to call their own.  They spill from the plastic boxes which once contained them.  They encroach upon my living space  threatening to take over the whole living room.  As I sit and type, Let's Rock Elmo and Interactive Winnie the Pooh are filling the space by my feet. A Buzz Lightyear Light Sabre, a packet of crayons that came free from a restaurant, a potty shaped like a duck and a double decker bus that sings the alphabet mock me from the laminate floor, letting me know this is a battle I simply can't win.  My daughters' shoes join in with the clutter.  Ella's Uggs here, Kizzy's slippers there.  I am drowning in the mess.  There is no Feng Shui here.  Light and space dare not compete with widely strewn bits and bobs.

There is no oasis of calm for me to retreat to.  The garden is well played in...trampoline, swing set, footballs and bikes are the order of the day.  Forget relaxing on the patio...that's where the sand and water tables live along with all the shovels, pots, buckets and boats that were once neatly placed inside, but now are making breaks for freedom. My own bedroom is not free of the clutter.  It is an overspill for books, DVDs and unclaimed piles of airing.  The kids play on my bed and I often find an abandoned Bratz doll lurking under my kingsize duvet.

I tidy up, but in a blink of an eye the mess returns.  Everytime we make strides to de-clutter: buying Ikea's finest shelving units or the latest set of Trunki toy boxes, or if we take a few trips to the charity never seems to touch the surface.  But the fact is, decluttering is a losing battle Inside the Wendy House.

To some, our clutter would be something they couldn't live with, but to me it symbolises our family life...full, mad, chaotic, fun and crazy.  The ideal minimalist world which I dream of is not conducive with a household full of kids.  Kids who have the freedom to simply be with the limitless abandon only children can enjoy.  One day when all the children have grown-up, I'm sure my home will lose most of the messes and muddles.  But I'm in no hurry for that day.  In hindsight my cluttered home really is just perfect!!

Friday Club

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The Art of Giving Flowers

The other day, Ian bought me flowers.  Just like that.  He returned home from work clutching a bouquet of flowers that he presented to me with flourish as I was cooking dinner in the kitchen.  It wasn't Valentine's Day, our anniversary or my birthday.  He gave me flowers because he said he was proud of me for everything I had achieved and wanted to do something nice to let me know how much he loved me.  My spirits soared and my smile lit up my face.  A thoughtful and unexpected gesture like this can really make your day.

flower giving

Flowers have been used for centuries to symbolise meanings.  The Victorians used to give and receive flowers as a part of their courtship.  Each flower had a meaning and the bouquets contained a secret message for the lady to interpret.  The romantic gentleman could convey his feelings and intentions using the secret code of flowers.  There was real thought and meaning behind the art of giving flowers.  Here are some of those hidden meanings.

  • Carnation- Fascination
  • Chrysanthemum- Friendship
  • Daisy- Loyal love
  • Orchid- Love and beauty
  • Lily- Purity and sweetness
  • Red rose- Romantic love
  • Pink rose- Secret love
  • Yellow rose- Friendship
  • White rose- Innocent love
  • Rose, Yellow & Orange: Passionate thoughts
My bouquet contained a red rose and I think Ian definitely made a good choice!

Even though we no longer adhere to the same code, buying flowers for a loved one is a gesture full of love and thought.  Favourite colours, preferred blooms and bouquets that we think suit the recipient's personality are thoughtful and valid reasons for choosing a particular arrangement and bring such joy.  As long as they are picked with love, flowers are sure to please!

The Gallery...Home

Home is the subject of this week's Gallery.   I have chosen to remember my childhood home.  I lived there all my life, my parents didn't move until we had all left home.  It was a too-small two bedroomed semi-detached with five of us squeezed into it.  My parents slept in what would have been our dining room, leaving one small living room for us all to sit in, eat in, watch TV in and play in.  It was next door to a haulage contractors and on the Heathrow flightpath.  It wasn't the easiest of houses to live in but we made memories there.  We had fabulous next door neighbours and a garden which we could run riot in.  The bottom of the garden was an overgrown wasteland but it was where we made mud pies, built camps and let off steam.

The bottom of our garden.
As a young child our house had views of Windsor Castle and was surrounded by horses' fields and trees.  As time progressed everything green was turned into new housing estates.  Our views were replaced with row upon row of identical houses. 
Early days in Slough.
A few years ago we returned to Slough, and went on a nostalgia drive around our old haunts.  My childhood home was all boarded up and due to be demolished.  In a flash I remembered the things that would be forever lost.  The pet graveyard where our animals had been buried, the trees that were planted by my sister in the "plant a tree in '73" campaign, the apple trees which we used to harvest every year, the rickety old fence that my dad set fire to one bonfire night, the huge nut tree that blocked the light into our living room and the concrete yard where I learned to roller skate.  All gone forever.  

A development of flats now stands where my childhood home used to be.  The whole street has been transformed into homes for hundreds of flat dwellers, replacing the row of mix and match semis and detached homes from my childhood.  

My home on the left.
The bricks and mortar are no more, but the memories remain.  

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Let's Rock Elmo

For years Sesame Street has delighted fans young and old with their colourful, cute characters and catchy songs.  Let's Rock Elmo has combined both these things to make music with a whole new generation of pre-schoolers.  Dressed in his funky concert T-Shirt, this gorgeous, plush Elmo toy is ready to take the stage and rock out with his drums, microphone and tambourine...and your child is invited to join his band!

Elmo sings six songs including the 'ABC song' and my own personal favourite 'It Takes Two'.  He is interactive, recognizing which instrument he has been given.  He also asks for a certain instrument to be given to him, which he then plays.  Children can also accompany Elmo by playing along on the drums or tambourine or singing into the plastic mic.  The instruments and microphone are the perfect size for little hands and are chunky and robust.  Elmo is activated by pressing his foot, which is easy enough for Freddy to do.

Elmo is very animated, chatting, singing and manically giggling while wiggling and dancing. His sound is crisp and clear.  He is really fun...I'm a bit of a fan of this all singing, all dancing cuddly egotist who has set up home with us.  Freddy is sometimes a little unsure of Elmo...he makes him a little nervous, but he keeps coming back for more.  Freddy loves all things musical and is transfixed by Elmo's performances.

Elmo also interacts with the Grover Microphone and other Let's Rock instruments (sold separately).

It is amazing how much technology goes into children's toys these days.  We would have sold our own Granny to get our hands on something like this when I was a child.  However, the price tag of Elmo does reflect this.  At £70 RRP this is an expensive item.  Don't get me wrong, it is fabulous...but pricey!  With Christmas coming I am sure Elmo will find his way onto many letters to Santa....and I'm sure lots of young children will love rocking out with their new friend on Christmas Day.  Adults and children alike can't help but enjoy the cuddly, cute rock star's antics (although I'm sure for many grown-ups the novelty of the umpteenth rendition of 'Elmo's World' will see them grabbing for the ear plugs!)

Elmo needs 6 x AA batteries.  Temporary batteries are included so you can play with Elmo straight away.  You simply switch him from Demo mode to On mode to activate all his functions.  The instruction leaflet includes song lyrics so you can sing along with Elmo!

Playing with Elmo introduces young children to music.  They learn the names of the instruments and also some musical terms such as acapella.  The interactive element gives children the chance to listen to instructions and respond accordingly, being rewarded with a song.  The catchy tunes will soon have your little ones singing along and joining in with the instruments, learning about rhythm.  The ABC song helps pre-schoolers learn the alphabet in a fun way.  There is definitely educational value to this toy.  He is recommended for ages 18 months and over.

Elmo certainly does not disappoint, but like most of the interactive character toys on the market right now, he is a premium priced toy.

Let's Rock Elmo is currently on sale in Toys R Us stores and online for just £54.99 saving £15 off the RRP.

Grooming Tips For Your Man

Once upon a time, beauty treatments were considered something that only women were interested in.  But how times have changed!  Nowadays, guys are just as interested in looking good as the ladies.  The male grooming market is an ever growing industry, with fabulous products designed to keep our men at their best.

Just launched are five new products to add to the  Natural male grooming products by Montagne Jeunesse for Men .  They are hassle free, straight talking and don't take themselves too seriously.  They rid skin of grease and grime and keep skin squeaky clean and refreshed. Our men's skin will be as smooth as Barry White's voice.

Like all Montagne Jeunesse products, they are suitable for vegetarians and are made using natural products, bursting with goodness.  They are as eco-friendly as possible 'nourishing your skin and soul'.  

The Cardiff Blues Rugby Team have put the range through its paces. They were only too willing proving that even the manliest men care about their appearance. They loved it, proving that a 'Masked Attack is the best Defence' against the daily assault that our skin has to endure.  Skin is kept hydrated, refreshed and clean, making men look good and feel good!  They tried out the Dirt and Grime Clean self warming sauna mask, the Morning After Scrub with charcoal and pumice, the Zap Them Peel Off Mask, the Blackhead Mask with liquorice and the mineral rich Eye Rescue patches.  This is Real Mud for Real Men!!

I was sent a selection of Montagne Jeunesse For Men products to try out on my own lovely husband.  After all if it's good enough for the Cardiff Blues, then it is good enough for Ian.  My hubby is not the sort of guy who waxes, fake tans or wears guyliner...but he cares about his appearance (albeit an unclean-shaven, rather stubbly appearance!)  So he was game to be groomed Montagne Jeunesse style. 

He was quite happy to be pampered with the Dirt and Grime Clean Mask, a real exotic hottie.  The self-warming properties of the mask open the pores to draw out impurities. The spicy Cinnamon and Ginger smelt gorgeous (quite Christmasy!!) It rinsed off in the shower leaving Ian's skin glowing and feeling clean and smooth.    He said he felt really refreshed and invigorated...I think he is going to get a taste for male grooming!
So why not treat your man, or give him a nudge to get his own Montagne Jeunesse for Men products.  I always pop a few sachets of Montagne Jeunesse products in my older girls' Christmas My 23 year old son and Ian will also be receiving some!

Like Montagne Jeunesse for Men on Facebook for up to date news.  You can also enter Montagne Jeunesse for Men's fabulous competition to win an Ultimate Rugby World Cup House Party which includes a 50" TV!! Details can be found here!  But hurry it closes on September 30th!!

Montagne Jeunesse For Men products are priced from just £1.09, they are available from Morisson's, Asda and

Monday, 26 September 2011

Everything You Need For a Spooktacular Halloween!

Halloween is fast approaching and our minds are turning to "Ghoulies and Ghosties and Long Legged Beasties, and things that go BUMP in the night!!"  Children love the terrifying fun of Halloween and enjoy nothing more than immersing themselves into the scary fun of the season.

Aldi, have a range of frighteningly good products at scarily good prices so you can enjoy all the fun at a fraction of the price!  Available as Special Buys from October 6th and while stocks last, you have to be quick to snap up these brilliant bargains.  With items including spine-chilling confectionery, blood-curdling kitchen ware, petrifying partyware and creepy costumes, they have all the essentials for a horrific Halloween!

Trick or Treating can be a costly business with mini witches, vampires and ghosts knocking on your door in search of goodies.  Aldi have a great range of scary chocolate shapes including eye balls, pumpkins, ghosts, bats and cockroaches.  Pop them in a bowl by the front door for Halloween Hunters or scatter on your table as a great looking (and tasty) table decoration.

Prices start at just 79p for a 100g bag of solid shapes...they will see the Trick or Treaters coming back for more!  They look great and, like all Aldi chocolate, taste great too!  The wrappers are colourful, bright and eye catching.

The Party ware is fantastic value and looks great too.  Tableclothes, cups and plates are available in three devishly, delightful designs and are priced at just 99p each.  Perfect for parties or just to give the kids a treat at teatime on Halloween.

My favourite products this year are definitely the Kitchen Ware.  With ice cube trays, muffin trays and cake pans, you can cook up some terrifying treats for the family.

The metal cake pans come in a pumpkin or skull design which will make shaped cakes providing a brilliant centre piece to a party table.  The silicone muffin trays make ghosts or pumpkins.  The ice cube trays could also be used to make your own chocolate treats, or fill with fruit juice for yummy mini ices.  Priced from £1.99 these are really great value and will cater to all your baking needs.

Adults can join in the frightening fun this Halloween with super-scary Halloween costumes. 
Men can choose from Dracula or the Grim Reaper, in sizes medium and large, and ladies’ styles offer a choice of Spider Queen or Red Devilina in sizes 10/12 and 14/16.  Look the part for just £7.99!

Aldi kindly sent me a selection of kitchen and party ware from the range and I can confirm that they are excellent.  The fun party ware designs are perfect for younger children with cute, comical Halloween characters.  The quality is great and the value is exceptional.  The muffin and ice cube moulds are made of good quality silicone.  The metal cake tins feel strong and robust and have a non-stick lining.  The designs are impressive and will definitely inspire some fun cooking sessions over Halloween.

Even though Halloween is still a month away, we decided to test out the cake pans to see if they perform as well as other pricier pans I have used before.  Here is a video of my Tiny Tester Kizzy baking up a storm in the kitchen!  She made a Scary Skull Carrot Cake.

I was very impressed that the non-stick pan worked so well after being brushed with Cake Release.  The cake came out cleanly, keeping the features intact.  It cooked through evenly and made a cracking, creepy carrot cake!  The pan washed up easily and looks as good as new.  I look forward to making muffins and more cakes...I'm a big fan of Horror things so this range will keep me happily baking all year round!!

Remember...these Special Buys are available from October 6th!!!  Don't miss out!

Mumentum...The Exercise Begins

I've been doing well with the weight loss, inspired (or terrified!) by the photoshoot for The Sun last week. The good eating continues to be easy (I love my Slimpod!!  I just don't spend all day craving food has really liberated me.)  My story is up on the Thinking Slimmer website this week.  I only have to look at my 'fat pic' to know it is all worth the effort!

Exercise has been a real nemesis to me however.  Over the years I have struggled to find an exercise regime that didn't cripple me.  I have a spinal defect that just does not like exercise...even yoga and pilates caused me problems.  After one Pilates session I couldn't walk for three days!  So the exercise dwindled.  Running about with the kids and family walks have been my only exercise.  I've tried crunches to get my tummy flat, but struggled to lift my head off the floor (much to the amusement of the kids!)  I have zero strength in my stomach muscles...they are so weak after giving birth to Freddy it is laughable.  The two halves of my muscle did not knit back together like they are meant to, and despite mentioning it to my doctor at my six week check, no further investigations were done and I've learnt to ignore the fact that you can poke your fingers into my intestines through my tummy!  Having confirmation of my blown stomach muscles from fitness expert Nicki Waterman who interviewed me for the article in The Sun, was the incentive I needed to start working on my abs, before surgery becomes the only option to fix my core muscles.

She told me that doing a Plank was the best way to knit the two sides of my wayward muscles together.  From that night I've Planked several times a day!  At first I could barely hold my position for 10 seconds, but I'm now lasting just short of a full minute.  It is amazing to see a difference already.  I might not be doing it absolutely perfectly with my bum sticking in the air rather than having a perfectly aligned body, but the tone of my belly has improved noticeably so it's doing some good!  Fingers crossed this will help pull everything together and tone up my tum.

Here is an instructional video in case you want to have a go at flattening your tummy too.

Good luck to all you other Mumentum ladies!  Together we can do it!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Listography...5 Celebrities to Share a Beer With

This week Kate is dragging us into the heady world of celebrity for her Listography theme.  She is asking us to pick out our top 5 choices of drinking buddy from Celebville, with whom we would like to share a swift half!!  In my case it will have to be a non-alcoholic beer.  This would be a wise move, because heaven help a celebrity when faced with me having fallen off my wagon of sobriety.  Now that would make the front page of The Sun!!  So without further ado, here are my five!

1:  Gary Barlow
The chubby, slightly cross eyed, poor dancer from the early days of Take That has been replaced by a lean, mean and moody, rugged sex bomb of a man.  I would certainly enjoy having a frosty beverage with Mr Barlow in one of Manchester's finest drinking holes.  I loved Gary when he was the one we sniggered at in TT...the talent who lacked the sex appeal of his band mates.  But like a phoenix from the ashes, he has risen to take the title of the 'fit one'!  You gotta love him!

2: Derren Brown
I'd love to pop out for a drink with Derren Brown.  I want my mind read, I want to have strange things suggested to me, I want to be made to rob a Securior Van or land a Jumbo Jet...and then hit the casinos and clean up with his winning techniques.  That'd be an evening well spent.

3:  The TOWIE cast
Seriously Shut Up!  How fabulous to immerse yourself in the world of TOWIE, my favourite Z Listers!  It'd be like being in an episode.  I'd grab my fake tan, get vajazzled and look totally reem.  I'd love to chat to Joey Essex and meet Nana Pat, ask the girls what on earth they see in Mark and sip my Pepsi Max while they quaff some pink champers.

4:  Davina McCall
I know she isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I think we'd get on.  That is all!

5:  Brad Pitt
How could I not want to share a beer with Brad Pitt!  I wouldn't even mind if he brought along Ange and the kids, as long as he showed up.  Just look at him.  I love him. *swoons*  And after he had finished his drink I would take the glass and extract his DNA from the traces of saliva and clone my very own Brad, Dolly the Sheep style.  Just imagine!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

All Surface Swingball

I remember playing Swingball myself as a child at the local play centre.  The game has remained a firm favourite for years.  I was very excited to introduce it to my younger children when I was sent an All Surface Swingball by Mookie Toys.  This version of the classic game is portable, with all the parts fitting into the base unit which can then be carried using the integral handle.  It can be used virtually anywhere making it ideal for taking to the park, to the beach or for playing in the garden.  Assembly is simple and the base unit just needs filling with water or sand to stabilise the unit.

Kizzy made this video of the Swingball set, demonstrating how easy it is to set up and use.  She needs a little practice before she is an expert, but that is the beauty of Swingball.  She can play alone and sharpen up her skills before taking on her older siblings!

For your chance to win your own Swingball set, check out my competition post HERE!  But hurry, it closes on September 30th 2011.

Find out more about Mookie Toys and their great range on their website that offers a World of Play!

Pokemon...Got To Catch 'Em All

Pokemon Black and White Poke Ball Twister Figure

Pokemon has been a part of our household for a long time.  My three eldest, now aged 23, 19 and 15, were fervent fans back in the days when Ash Catchem and Pikachu used to battle other Pokemon Trainers in duels.  Over the years more and more Pokemon have been added to the original 150 and more and more merchandising has been brought out keeping Pokemon fans happy, and bringing the fun to a whole new generation!

One of the latest toys, which I have been sent to review, is a Pokemon Black and White Poke Ball Twister Figure from Bandai.  Launched in the UK following phenomenal success in Asia, the Poke Ball Twister Figure includes a figure, a weighted base and axle.

There are five different characters to collect: Tepig, Snivy and Oshawatt who come inside a Poke Ball, Zorua who comes inside a Great Ball and Axew who comes with a Quick Ball.

We were sent the reptilian Grass-Type Pokemon Snivy with his Poke Ball.  You launch Snivy into action by pulling the cord to release him spinning from within the iconic poke ball!  The character spins really well on its weighted base, whizzing across the floor.

The Poke Balls are recommended for ages 4 and up.  2 year old Freddy was intrigued by the spinning figure and enjoyed launching Snivy with adult supervision.  However it was 15 year old Ella who loved it the most.  It was a real nostalgic moment for her to release her Poke Ball!!

The Poke Ball Twister is fun but the game play would be improved by battling with other players.  Playing against other characters would add a real element of competitive fun to the proceedings....true to the spirit of Pokemon!   Firing the characters against each other would result in an impressive battle!

Priced from £9.99 and available at stockists such as Amazon and Argos, the Pokemon Black and White Poke Ball Twister Figure from Bandai will definitely be enjoyed by Pokemon fans of all ages!


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