Friday, 11 March 2011

Ideal Home Exhibition with Harveys

I am sitting here in Harveys' Blogger's Lounge feeling quite important...typing away sipping coffee and indulging in some rather delicious chocolate treats.  What a way to spend the day!

From where I'm sat I can see the Rover's's quite surreal.  A full size replica of the most iconic pub in TV-dom.  Arriving before the crowds I had exclusive access to look around the Rovers and No.1 Coronation Street.

In an exciting twist for the 21st century, Chez Barlow has been given an amazing remodernisation by TV presenter and architect George Clarke from 'Restoration Man'.  Complete with a loft conversion and a glass frontage to open up the living space, No 1 has been transformed into an eco palace!

Read on to see inside Ken and Deidre's boudoir and to find out what William Roache and Kate Ford think about the reconstruction and modernisation of their humble Corrie abode.  I was given an EXCLUSIVE interview with the actors for Inside the Wendy House (thanks to Harveys The Furniture Store!)


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