Saturday, 19 March 2011

Pimp My Slide

My husband is being exalted as a DIY hero in our house at the moment!  Freddy adores the outdoors.  He'll stand at the back door shouting "Garden!" whilst clutching his Dinosaur wellies in his little hands.

A few years ago we bought an outdoor swingset for Kizzy.  A big wooden affair with a slide, climbing rope, see-saw and swing.  It served us really well!  When Fred was born we swapped the see-saw for a baby swing and he spent many a happy hour swinging.  As he has got older and more adventurous the slide has intrigued him more and more.  At first he'd enjoy being 'whooshed' down it safely in your grasp.  More recently he's wanted to do it himself.  Unfortunately it is not made for a toddler.  The rungs have thin wooden edges and the top has open sides that a small child could easily slip through.  This leads to our independence seeking toddler getting very frustrated.

Ian decided to try to remedy the problem.  I immediately had visions of something akin to Steptoe's Yard with mismatched pieces of wood nailed all over it!  Yes, I had little faith...but I saw my husband's attempt at a DIY compost bin constructed from an old palette!  It weren't pretty!  However I shouldn't have anticipated a Homer Simpson-esque attempt at woodwork.  He spent £10.87 on some decking and a fence post and set to work with his trusty saw and drill.

Three lovely flat stairs leading up to the platform and lovely fenced in side panels have transformed a dangerous outdoor toy into something that Freddy can use on his own.  He has spent ages going up and sliding down proud of himself!  DIY SuperDad totally Pimped his Slide!!


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