Saturday, 12 March 2011

My Day at the Ideal Home Show...the Real Story!!

I've written reams about my day as a Harveys' Blogger at the Coronation Street House yesterday.  Being given the opportunity to interview TV stars and have exclusive access to the show with my press pass was something I could never have imagined happening to me!  The blogging adventure that I am on is a thrilling and unexpected journey.  I can't wait to see what happens next!

We had a horrific train journey into London.  We missed our first train by a whisker which put us 20 minutes behind schedule before we begun.  As Fred is still breastfed and we spent the night before down south to break up the journey, my team came with me!  Harveys were really accommodating allowing Ian to come too.  Thank goodness he was with me.  Freddy was a nightmare.  He was so over excited by the train experience he wanted to get out at every stop and screamed loudly when he couldn't.  The poor commuters were not used to a hyper toddler running around the carriages and tantrumming at every station as he bolted to the electric doors in hope of escape.  But...despite the shameful journey we did arrive to meet our contact Lucy and jump the queues into the show....the power of the Press Pass!!

Before the crowds descended, we had a bit of fun at the Rovers Return.  There were plenty of really friendly PR ladies on hand to fuss over Freddy (who is a real sucker for a pretty lady!) so we had a short time to be baby-free and just enjoy it without worrying about Fred trashing the joint!

It was absolutely mad being asked if I wanted to interview William Roache and Tracy Ford.  I had nothing prepared as I had no idea it would happen...I thought I might get to shake their hand and say hello...but to have 5 minutes on the purple Harvey couch made me feel like I was on GMTV!  It was only at the end of the interview that I realised they thought I was an ITV journalist.  They must have been wondering who on earth had employed this ridiculous, bumbling, unprepared woman!  But I winged my way through it and eventually explained that I was a Mummy Blogger and was invited by Harveys to cover the show for my blog.  I wish I had explained at the would have made it a lot easier!  But they were both generous with their answers and chatted and laughed with me about the Corrie house mock-up and the new eco-build next door.

The Blogger's Lounge was great.  There was chocolate and wine for a start!  (Although being tee-total and on a diet meant there was no over-indulging for me!)  I sat and Tweeted and blogged and felt quite important!!  I met two fellow Bloggers Karen from The Rubbish Diet and Mirka from All Baby Advice.  It gave me a taste of what Cybermummy will be like...meeting the women behind the blogs that I know and love.  I'm even more excited about it now.

Interviewing George Clarke was a real highlight.  I explained who I was from the start and he was absolutely lovely.  I actually said I was "just a mum" to which he replied that mums do a fabulous job and aren't 'just' anything! He was passionate about what he did and explained things to me about sustainable living and about fun recycled products he had used in the house.  He was really warm and friendly and gave me a lovely hug at the end!  Ian was keeping an eye on me to make sure I wasn't enjoying his attention too much!!  I hope his tips that I have written about here give some useful advice to anyone who reads my post.

We had a look around the show but Freddy wanted to swim in a fountain, climb on a £4000 garden statue, bash the 72" plasma TVs and grab expensive, bespoke rugs from a display.  The temptations were just too much.  We decided it was time to go when he lay down on the floor and refused to move after we wouldn't let him get in a hot tub!  My boy is high maintenance!

Our journey home was better as the trains were one to witness his high jinks!  The second he got back to our car he fell asleep and stayed spark out for the 3 hour drive home.  What a day!!


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