Thursday, 24 March 2011

Brush, Flash and Dazzle with Firefly

My little boy Freddy has cut twelve lovely, pearly, white baby teeth so far, and I very much want to keep them as perfect as they are now.  Dental hygiene is such an important lesson to instil in your little ones,  to keep their  teeth healthy and to teach good dental habits for life.

Firefly have launched a fabulous new toothbrush in the UK.  Already a best selling brand in America, Firefly make the twice daily teeth cleaning routine fun and enjoyable for children ages 2 and up.  

Firefly sent Freddy a fabulous Spiderman Light-Up Timer Toothbrush to try out.  I was really impressed when it arrived.  The fun design was really cool and perfect to appeal to little boys.  They also make a Hello Kitty version for little girls. Using such well known characters certainly helps make dental hygiene more entertaining for even the most reluctant toothbrushers! 

The really great thing about this tooth brush though, is the use of distinctive light up technology to create a fantastic mechanism to encourage young children to clean their teeth for the recommended amount of time.  Pressing the button on the handle activates a flashing light which stays on for 60 seconds.  This gives an indication to the right amount of time needed to brush either the upper or lower teeth. So the child presses the button and brushes the top, removes the brush, presses it again and then completes the brushing routine.

The light really flashed brightly and was very intriguing to Freddy!  We still brush his teeth for him because he tends to just chew the bristles and suck out the toothpaste!!  It was very useful to see how long we should be cleaning his teeth for, and it definitely held Freddy's attention as he watched the flashing toothbrush in the mirror.  It is definitely something that will help him learn to clean his teeth properly.  In fact it could become the next big craze to "Flash, Brush and Dazzle!"

Firefly toothbrushes are available from Lloyd's, Argos and other independent stockists priced between £1.49 and £2.49.  A small price for a toothbrush that helps encourage good dental habits for life!


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