Friday, 25 March 2011

Dentinox...Relief for Babies

I have a baby who suffers terribly from teething.  I've never known a baby like him.  His gums swell, the tooth breaks the surface but then the gum closes over again!  It's weird!  By 18 months he still hadn't managed to get all front 8 teeth even though they had been visible for about 9 months.  Tooth number 8 has finally broken through along with 4 molars but they are growing so slowly.  He doesn't just pop out his pearly whites at all.  So he really suffers.  Bright red cheeks and grizzly days with him pointing into his mouth accusingly and saying "teeth"  are common events.  Even the amber teething necklace that he wears is getting  a bit fed up!  Poor Freddy.

When Dentinox offered a possible source of relief, I was only too happy to give it a try.  I was sent a package containing a range of their products to try out with Freddy.

I was really pleased to try out the Teething Toothpaste, which I'd never heard of before, and of course the Teething Gel.  He's still got a long way to go before he gets his full set of milk he really needs some help!

The Teething Toothpaste is slightly sweet tasting.  Freddy found the taste pleasant enough.  When his gums are sore he really objects to having a toothbrush probed around his mouth and it can occasionally be a bit of a battle.  The Dentinox Teething Toothpaste comes with a fingerbrush for gently massaging the gums.  It was quite a novelty for Freddy who enjoyed having his teeth and gums rubbed with it. It offers us an alternative which avoids any distress to him.  This product is definitely another weapon in our arsenal against the dreaded teething.

The Teething Gel is wonderful.  It tastes quite nice and provides a mildly numbing sensation against pain.  It's mild and gentle and sugar free.  Freddy happily let me apply it...even popping his own finger out in the hope I'd give him an extra squeeze of gel to put on for himself.  It offered a distraction as well as a way of relieving pain and also preventing infection.  I keep one tube in my handbag and one on the bedside table to cover my bases, and it really seems to help him.

Although he has never suffered from the really thick cradle cap that some poor babies get, Freddy does still have some patches on his scalp.  So I decided to give the Cradle Cap Shampoo a try.  It was lovely.  It smelt really fresh and I gently massaged it into his scalp, then used a comb to removed the scaly patches that had lifted off.  It was brilliant.  In the past I had used oil on his scalp, but that really is a messy method.  This shampoo is mild enough for regular use.  His hair was very shiny and bouncy after we dried it....I might try it myself!

Thankfully, he has never suffered from colic, so I haven't tried the drops.  They are however alcohol free, suitable from birth and give baby relief by dispersing trapped air.  Dentinox is definitely a brand synonymous with helping babies through difficult phases in their development.  With  40 years experience in the baby medicine market, they are like a tried and trusted friend to help us out when common ailments upset our precious little ones!

Dentinox is readily available in most supermarkets, Boots and pharmacies.


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