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I am Wendy, a 40 something wife and mother who has discovered a new lease of life since beginning my blog in October 2010.

Wendy McDonald, Inside the Wendy House

I am enjoying the luxury of being a Stay at Home Mum and homemaker (although my husband prefers "Kept Woman"!) I have five incredible kids who make me proud everyday. My quirky and adorable school boy Freddy (2009) who loves computer games and gymnastics.  Kezia (2002) is my wonderful teenager, music lover, horror fan and the funniest person that I have ever met. Joe (1988) lives with his wife and two children in Northampton, while climbing up the career ladder to success.  Megan (1991) is a graduate of the University of Manchester, engaged to her Mr Right and working hard to fulfill her dreams. Ella (1996) is a graduate of MMU and is now studying for her Masters in Applied Quantative Methods. It makes me so proud to have grown-up children forging their own paths into the big wide world!   

With My Children x

My lovely husband Ian, loves big TVs and is obsessed with his record player and evergrowing vinyl collection.  Also a keen guitarist and writer of my very own love song "Hey Wendy!"  We were teenage sweethearts and have been married since 1997
With My Husband x

Together, we have a pretty amazing life full of fun, love, music, vegan food and laughter. 

We are very passionate about living the most compassionate life that we can and enjoy a plant based diet. I love experimenting with new ingredients and recipes.

I love writing,  blogging, vlogging, photography and enjoy reviewing products.

I enjoy vegan baking & cooking, watching movies and spending quality family time with my brood.

family, mum
Photo by George Fairbairn - Extraordinary Portraits

This is life Inside the Wendy House!

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