Thursday, 31 March 2011

The Co-operative Revolution

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In 1884 a revolution began in Rochdale.  A group of everyday people founded a new business based on democratic principles, owned by the customers and re-investing in the community it served.  This revolution was called The Co-operative.  Today, The Co-operative has over six million members and 5000 outlets with businesses including travel, finance, funerals, pharmacy and of course food.

This year on March 7th, The Co-operative launched an advertising campaign highlighting its ethical credentials and featuring the revolution from its humble beginnings in Rochdale to the present day where it is inspiring a whole new generation of revolutionaries to change the world around from.  From local UK community projects to initiatives in the Developing World, The Co-operative is empowering people to make a difference.

The high profile campaign features real people including Brian McCallum and Alison Benjamin who have set up Urban Bees.  They wanted to help the dwindling bee population in urban areas by educating city dwellers in the art of bee-keeping.  Funding from The Co-operative helped them run training courses, give talks and work in partnership with other organisations.  They have now established 20 new hives on rooftops, in community gardens and on allotments across London, and by the end of this year will have trained and given start-up equipment to 300 people to help with this fantastic scheme to help protect the bees.

It is schemes like these which make a huge difference.  Last year The Co-operative made 1319 awards to help community projects through The Co-operative Community Fund.  From playgroups, to dance schools, to bicycle workshops and to wind farms, The Co-operative are helping these modern day revolutions and giving back to the community they serve.

The Co-operative are inviting YOU to join the revolution.  You are invited to submit your idea for your own revolution to benefit the local community, inspire young people , combat global warming or tackle global poverty.  Or you can get involved by voting for the initiatives that you think are best.  It's your opportunity to really make a difference.

So why not start your own revolution for your own community helped by the generosity of The Co-operative.  I will definitely put my thinking cap on and spread the word about this fantastic opportunity.  It is wonderful to see a company that truly cares!

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