Friday, 11 March 2011

What You Never See in Coronation Street!

The upstairs rooms of number 1 Coronation Street never get seen on the TV.  Thanks to the Ideal Home Show's loving recreation of their iconic home, we now get to see those never before seen rooms.  From Ken's slippers to Deidre's photos of her mum Blanche to Tracy's 2011 diary, every detail has been imagined by carefully researching the characters.  The designers have done a superb job keeping true to the set and being able to wander around is like stepping into the nation's favourite Northern soap!
The Avocado Bathroom...who forgot to cap the toothpaste???
Amy's Bedroom...she's a gleek!
Ken and Deidre's Ken's grey slacks!
Deidre's dressing table.
Tracy's bedroom with her celeb mags!

*See what Ken and Tracy Barlow (aka William Roache and Kate Ford) thought in an exclusive interview they gave Inside the Wendy House!*

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