Monday, 21 March 2011

Brother Max Bath Toys

Brother Max offer an innovative range of baby products that really stand out from the crowd.  They offer solutions to everyday parenting challenges to make tasks simpler and less time consuming.  The thoughtfully designed and ingenious products are the brainchild of inventor Jonathan Gold who, on becoming a parent, realised that time was too precious to waste.  He set about creating time saving products that got jobs done quickly and easily, freeing up more time for the fun stuff!

When Brother Max offered me the chance to test one of their products I enjoyed looking through the website.  So many of the products have won awards!  The "Simple Clever Ideas" philosophy has lead to a stunning range of products that really do offer something a bit different.  I chose to test the Bath Toys with my Tiny Tester Freddy!
The Bath Toys encourage learning through play and also encourage washing.  They incorporate materials that we use for personal hygiene, providing a fun introduction to getting clean.  The textures and shapes make for a really tactile and interesting set of bath toys.
The set includes:

  • a flexi-brush
  • a sprinkler cup
  • a ring rattle
  • a sponge stamper
  • a twister flannel
Brother Max's design also includes a safety feature.  Heat sensitive spots turn yellow if the water temperature gets too high.  A simple element that gives peace of mind at bath time.

The toys really look unique.  Children respond to interesting shapes and colours.  Freddy was fascinated by the toys and experimented with them watching how the water dripped through or poured off them.  He watched how they floated, tried to sink them and really explored the shapes and textures.  He scooped up water and bubbles with the sprinkler cup, brushed his hair and traced his finger around the twister pattern on the flannel.  He was completely engaged with the toys and definitely learning through play.

The Brother Max Bath Toys are BPA free which is something I hold in really high regard.  The material parts on the toys are completely hand washable and the Twister Flannel can be washed in the washing machine to keep it hygienically clean.  The recommended age range on the Bath Toys is 10 months to 4 years so they are a long lasting investment for bath time fun!  

I loved the unique designs and Freddy thoroughly enjoyed playing with them in the bath.  I would highly recommend Brother Max to parents looking for innovative solutions and exciting, thoughtful products for their babies and toddlers.  The Bath Toys are simply inspired!

Check out the Brother Max website for more details on products and stockists.
You can buy the Bath Toy Set from Amazon priced at £16.81.  Also available online at Kiddicare, Blooming Marvellous and from Sainsburys and Mothercare.

Check out Brother Max on Twitter for the latest chat!


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