Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Get Nakd this Easter!

If, like me, you are on a diet or looking to replace unhealthy, high fat snacks with wholesome alternatives, you'll enjoy discovering Nakd!

Nakd, wholefoods

Nakd snack bars are a super healthy range of chocolate flavoured delights.  In Cocoa Delight, Cocoa Mint and the award winning Cocoa Orange flavours, they satisfy your sweet tooth without compromising on health.

Nakd Bars are made with a wholefood approach.  They rely on raw fruits, nuts and natural flavours with no added sugar or syrups.  That's it...simply wholefoods rolled together and nothing else.  Any more natural and you'd have to peel them!

These genuine nutritional powerhouses are bursting with natural raw nutrients, are wheat, dairy and gluten free, vegan friendly and are one of your five a day. 

I was sent one of each of the flavours to review.  I loved the packaging which gave me lots of life affirming messages, "love your body", "nature loves you, baby!" and "gleefully made in Britain!"  Looking at the ingredients they literally only contain dates, raw cashews, raw raisins and cocoa with a hint of natural flavourings.  Nothing artificial lurking here!

I have eaten health food treats before and it can be quite hit or miss as to whether they actually hit the spot when it comes to satisfying my craving for chocolate.  They are often more akin to a cereal bar than a choccie treat.  At about 135 calories, and contributing to my 5 a day, I was very interested to see how Nakd bars would rate in the snack stakes.

Do you know what?  I was extremely pleasantly surprised.  The bar is dark with tiny fruity and nutty bits running through it giving it a lovely texture.  It was dense and rich.  I chose the Cocoa Mint flavour and it was truly delicious.  The taste of the chocolate and the mint flavourings was naturally sweet and satisfying.  It tasted really good.    Knowing that it made from nourishing wholefoods made me feel virtuous but my sweet tooth was satisfied and my diet wasn't compromised by a high fat, empty calorie treat.

I gave the children the Cocoa Delight to try.  It would be a great healthy addition to a lunchbox.  Freddy chomped his way through his half and totally yummied it up. It was nice to see him enjoying it as much as a chocolate bar, but knowing how good for him it was. Unfortunately Kizzy was not so sure!  She said she could taste the dried fruit but didn't think it went well with the chocolate taste.  (I disagree and think it is a lovely combination, but I was impressed that she could pick out the flavours in the bar.)

I do believe that people who are trying to avoid the minefield of Easter Eggs this year do not have to miss out entirely on a sweet treat.  With Nakd you will be helping yourself and the planet by choosing  unprocessed, nourishing, raw wholefoods.  This "satisfying slice of simple goodness" is a great way to begin to re-evaluate your diet and make healthier choices.

And who said that chocolate couldn’t be tasty AND healthy!?

Check out the website for stockists, product information and to purchase Nakd Bars at Natural Balance Foods:


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