Thursday, 24 March 2011

My Willy Wonka Fantasy

Last night I played a Hotel Chocolat Murder Mystery game.  To solve the Whodunnit you had to taste the five chocolates found at the scene of the crime, identify the ingredients, then use the first letter of each to name the culprit.  Easy, thought I, preparing to cruise to victory.  Oh how wrong I was!

My five letters spelled out SPWCR....not even close to a name!  The actual word should have been VICAR pointing to the suspicious reverend from the motley crew of suspects.

I really thought I'd be good at this, priding myself on my love of good food and all.   But to misidentify Balsamic Vinegar as Salt, Irish Coffee as Port, Cashew Nut as Walnut and Amaretto as Cherry Brandy is actually a total fail!  My respect goes to those selfless souls who test chocolates on a daily basis...what a tough gig!

So I pondered all things chocolatey as my teething toddler kept me awake at 4am this morning.  And I came up with an idea for my fantasy chocolate selection.  I saw a fusion of Starbucks meets Hotel Chocolat with a Coffee Shop Collection.  Little chocolate cups filled with delights such as Caramel Macchiata, Mocha Flake, Hazlenut Hot Chocolate, Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino and Vanilla Latte.  Decorated with coffee beans, sprinkles of grated chocolate, a swirl of white chocolate or a piece of flake, these chocolates would just be purely divine.  I drooled some in my half sleep state before drifting off into a Willy Wonka Fantasy....which for once did not include a naked Johnny Depp and a river of molten choccie!

Just in case any chocolate companies happen upon this post and decide to take my idea and create my imaginings in 50% milk form...please remember me...and send me a box for review!!!

Photo courtesy of 123RF Royalty Free Stock Photos


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