Monday, 7 March 2011

BornFree Twist 'n' Pop Straw Cup

BornFree was the first baby feeding company to be clear and open on its stance on BPA.  They created a range of bottles, cups, teethers and soothers that were completely free of this chemical.  The fear is that BPA can leach out into foodstuff which can be harmful to babies and toddlers.  BornFree  have paved the way to make safer products for our children!

One of their innovative products is the Twist 'n' Pop Straw Cup.  This 14 fl oz toddler cup has a twisting cap that exposes a soft silicone drinking straw for comfortable drinking.  The twist mechanism keeps the straw clean and reduces spills.  This child-friendly beaker is dishwasher safe and detachable into two parts making it easy to clean.

We were sent a BornFree Twist 'n' Pop Straw Cup to test out with Freddy.  I was impressed at the good size  of the beaker, which would make it ideal for a day out.  The twist mechanism was easy to use and I liked that the lid was in one part for easy cleaning.  The bottle was shaped and textured making it really easy for little hands to hold.

Freddy found it very easy to use the cup and sucked his juice up the straw without any problems.  Having a non-spill, closable, good sized bottle like this is a real bonus.  I can give Freddy a healthy juice drink, when we are out and about, as an alternative to children's ready-made, sports topped, bottled drinks.  It is just as convenient and easy to drink an  it will save money in the long run too.

As you can see Freddy loves his Twist 'n' Pop Straw Cup.  I'm happy that it is BPA free, easy to clean and comes with a resealable lid.  Freddy is just happy!! After all  BornFree do say "Babies Know Best!"

 It is available in four bright colours and costs £5.99 from
Check out the website for other products, stockists and news from BornFree.


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