Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Disney Toiletries...Fit For a Princess

When Kizzy received this package of Disney Princess Toiletries, she was over the moon!  She adores Disney  and enjoys nothing more than having her own pampering products.

Made my H & A, the UK's leading toiletry specialist, the range includes Disney Princess, Disney Fairy, Winnie the Pooh, Ben 10 and Zingzillas toiletries, perfect for getting even the most reluctant bather in the tub!

The Strawberries and Cream Bath Bubbles came in a pretty pink bottle with Belle from Beauty and the Beast on it.

Kizzy was delighted because it had Belle's signature on the back, a lovely touch that little girls will love.

The Bubble Bath smelt really nice...a lovely, sweet strawberry fragrance.  It made a lovely bubbly tub full of bubbles.  They weren't very long lasting, but the scent lingered and the water felt soft. Kizzy loved this product.  It made her feel like a princess!

The Bath Confetti came in  a lovely triangular box.  It had a glittery, plastic heart shaped ring attached to the top.  It featured Ariel from The Little Mermaid, another Disney favourite.

The confetti was shaped like stillettos, crowns and hearts, and as it is made from soap, you can wash with it and it dissolves into the water.

Sprinkling a handful into the bath creates a fun bath time experience for your little princess!

The individual Bubble Bath Tropical Crush Jewel contains shimmery, pink bath foam, perfect for pampering your pretty princess.

It has a resealable nozzle so you can use it and seal it up for your next bath.  It smelled really sweet and fruity.

Adding to running water gives a luxurious, bubbly bath that smells gorgeous!

This was Kizzy's favourite product.  The heart shaped brush and mirror set cleverly folds up into a neat heart shape, that fits neatly into a pocket or a bag.

It features Ariel on the front, and will be loved by any Disney Princess fan.

The brush is gentle and untangles knots easily.  Kizzy loves this addition to her dressing table!  It is perfect for taking out and about or for keeping in her school bag.

This range of products really are perfect for pampering the little princesses in your life.  They encourage good personal hygiene, and at the same time are fun and have that little bit of added Disney magic!  They would make an ideal gift...and would be a great alternative to Easter Eggs for children who cannot have chocolate.

Kizzy says "I've always been a fan of Disney Princesses and I think these are amazing.  I loved the smell of the Strawberry and Cream Bubble Bath best of all and the whole range is really fun.  Bath times are really great when I have lovely pampering products like these."

So, Kizzy gives them the thumbs up! There are other characters available so there will be something to suit your child whatever their preferences.  If you prefer gender neutral products  the Zingzillas and Winnie the Pooh are ideal.


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