Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Nelsons' Natural Healthcare

For over 150 years, Nelsons have been producing natural alternative and complementary remedies to help us through our daily lives.  They family owned business is a driving force in natural healthcare producing the highest quality homeopathic remedies and healthcare products.  The company's values hinge on quality, efficacy, regulation and integrated health.  They are committed to sustainability and make every effort to protect our environment.  Impressive credentials I'm sure you'll agree!

I am a big fan of Bach's Rescue Remedy so Nelsons is a well known brand Inside the Wendy House.  When I was approached to review some of Nelsons' healthcare products, I was eager to see if they were as effective and impressive.

I was sent a tube of Nelsons' Tea Tree Cream and Nelsons' Arnicare Arnica Cooling Gel for the purpose of this review.

Arnicare Cooling Gel 
The average person walks the equivalent to 3.5 times around the world in their lifetime!  The demands of life, the school run, running around after a toddler or traipsing around the shops can leave our poor legs and feet crying out for some care and attention.  A world wide poll found that 45% of respondents suffer from aching muscles on a daily basis. 
Arnicare Cooling Gel combines the natural healing properties of Arnica with refreshing grapefruit oil and menthol to cool and soothe.  It is ideal for rubbing over over-worked muscles, legs, ankle and feet.  It is non-greasy and easily absorbed.
The transparent gel had a mild citrus scent and rubs on easily and is quickly absorbs into the skin.  It instantly cools and then a deep warming sensation washes over your tired muscles.  It was a lovely feeling.  Knowing the healing properties of arnica, I know this gel works more than just skin deep.  This would be perfect to use after exercising at the gym or going for a jog (for sporty types!) and is all natural unlike some of the harsh muscle rub products available on the high street.  It's ideal for any busy mum who is on her feet all day and is just so lovely and refreshing.  
Priced at £4.85 for a 30g tube, it is readily available from pharmacies and health food stores nationwide.  Check out for further details.

Tea Tree Cream
As a mum, I know all too well how many scrapes and grazes a child can get from playground tumbles.  Nelsons have produced the first natural antiseptic cream to be awarded the Ethical Consumer Best Buy Label for its ethical and environmental credentials.  
The rich, white cream uses the purest, finest Tea Tree Oil from Australia renowned for its natural antiseptic properties.  It is easily absorbed and soothing.  It is reassuring to use a natural product on our children's cuts and grazes.  I tried it on a shaving nick on my leg and it didn't sting at all and was soothing when gently applied.  A really nice natural alternative for the first aid box!
Priced at £4.55 for a 30g tube and £6.20 for 50g, it is available at Holland and Barrett, Boots, Lloyds Pharmacies, the pharmacy counter at some supermarkets and good independent stockists.

Nelsons also sell a great Arnicare Kids Stick for bumps and bruises.  It is a fun green colour and can be applied directly to kids' delicate skin.  It is perfect for popping in your pocket or handbag.  For £5.35, it provides a instant, natural formulation in case of minor accidents out and about or at home.  I have used one of these before and it certainly offered a distraction after a knock and made my child feel like something was being done to help her.  The arnica is renowned for its healing properties so I'm sure it helped with the bruising too. It is TLC in a stick leaving little ones free to get back to their adventuring!!

I really like Nelsons Natural Healthcare products.  The range is impressive and the quality is great.  Take a look at their website for more information on the products, the comapny and for healthcare advice and tips.


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