Monday, 7 March 2011

Bath Time Fun with Boots

Freddy absolutely hated bath time up until a few months ago.  They used to be a battle, but now they are a source of fun!  He splashes in the water, getting covered with the warm, bubbly water.  It is so important that the products we use are suitable for our little ones.  We've enjoyed trying out a lot of different bath products and tonight it was the turn of Boots Baby Sensitive Range.

Developed in consultation with a leading dermatologist, it is the mildest, gentlest product for baby's skin.  They leave skin feeling soft and smooth and stop irritation before bed time.  They are 100% colour free, fragrance free, hypo-allergenic and dermatologically tested.  They are mild enough to use from birth and are suitable for sensitive skin.

Boots sent us the Sensitive Moisturising Bath, priced at £1.99 for 400ml.  It provides gentle and caring cleaning.  When added to water it gave dense, small bubbles giving a creamy consistency to the bath.  It was fragrance free so left no perfume on Freddy's skin.  He splashed everywhere but didn't mind it going in his face and eyes.  His skin felt soft and he smelt fresh and clean.

Our daughter suffers from eczema and has flare-ups on her arms and legs.  She bathed in the Boots Sensitive Moisturising bath and it did not inflame her skin at all.  This is a real plus for us because she loves to relax in the tub, but it is difficult to find completely fragrance and colour free products that give bubbles but do not aggravate her.

Boots also sent us the Moisturising Baby Lotion and Baby Oil in this range.  They are perfect for moisturising baby's delicate skin.  Again these products are also good for Kizzy's sensitive skin.  And at £1.99 are a really cost effective option.  Also available is a Head to Toe Moisturising Wash and a Conditioning Shampoo. This is an excellent range at a really affordable price.  Worth checking out if you have an eczema sufferer in the family!

The Boots Fun Animal Sponge is a man made sponge that is specially made to be ultra soft.  We were sent a super cute blue elephant to try.  It has a really squidgy, soft texture and feels gentle as it glides across the skin.  It goes hard when dry, then softens up again in water.  At £2, it is a good cheaper alternative to natural sponge.

Boots also stock a fun range of Corine de Farme Disney Winnie the Pooh products that are ultra sensitive and created to be soft, soothing and safe from birth.  They leave skin soft and moisturised.   Each product has a cute picture of Winnie the Pooh with his Hundred Acre Wood pals on, which is sure to delight little ones!  Priced at £2.69 they are exclusive to Boots.

It's no surprise that Boots have been voted the UK's Top Family Brand, with their wide range of products to help parents at every step of their journey with their babies and children.  With a huge range of products especially for bath times, Boots make bathing baby safe and fun!  Check out the website for current special offers on toiletries.


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