Monday, 14 March 2011

Benjoy Munchcups...Mess Free Healthy Snacks

If like me you have a hungry little toddler constantly looking to snack and generally making a mess in the process, then Benjoy has the solution for you!

Benjoy offer a range of healthier snacks for toddlers and young children packaged in the unique Munchcup, the first anti-spill, less mess packaging of its kind.  The foods are age appropriate and nutritionally optimized using 100% natural ingredients and essential nutrients!  The ingredients, portion sizes and recipes have been developed using textures, flavours, sizes and shapes that young children can enjoy.

Benjoy kindly sent me some Benjoy snacks for Freddy to try.  We received all five varieties:

  • Multigrain Bites which are a blend of rice, quinoa, oats and wheat combined with tomato and carrot juice.  They make crunchy, melt in the mouth crispies.
  • Crunchy Grape Slices are freeze dried, crunchy pieces of nourishing grape, a great alternative to raisins.
  • Crunchy Strawberry Slices are delicious freeze dried strawberries packed with vitamin C.
  • Root Vegetable Mini Chips are yummy pieces of crispy parsnip, sweet potato, carrot  and beetroot.  They are unsalted and really delicious (yes, mummy pinched a few!!)
  •  Multi-Grain Munchers are tomato and toasted red pepper sticks full of goodness from grains and seeds.  Perfect for dipping into cheese spread or hummus for a healthy lunch time treat!

Each pack consists of four individual pots of nutritious, natural nibbles.  They are served in the Munchcup which means less mess and less waste as the toddler can independently feed himself through the cleverly designed lid.  The plastic film is cut with a cross that allows little fingers to tuck in but prevents the food spilling out.  This makes Benjoy Munchcups perfect for days out, for lunchboxes, in the car and away from home.  One pot can easily be popped in your handbag or baby bag for an instant, mess free, healthy snack.  This makes them very convenient.

In my opinion these snackpots are great.  You don't have to compromise on the nutritional value of snacks.  Crisps and biscuits are high sugar/salt, high fat, empty calorie snacks whereas  Benjoy's range are delicious, fun but also nutritionally good for your toddler.  The pots are really handy and Freddy found them really easy to use and didn't make a mess spilling his snack.
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He really enjoyed the three savoury flavours.  However, he wasn't as keen on the fruity ones, which surprised me as he loves fruit.  Big sister Kizzy stepped in as chief taster and loved the Grapes and Strawberries.  She said "they are as tasty as sweets, but I know they are healthier because they are made of fruit.  That makes them better.  I want them in my lunchbox for school and the pots are really handy!"  They also count towards their 5 a day.

The pots are recyclable once the plastic film is removed and the cardboard multi-pack sleeve can be composted or recycled.  Benjoy suggest that you can re-use the pots for making mini-sandcastles in your sand pit or for propogating seedlings.  Other ideas for re-using them are for playing with water or using as paint pots.

Benjoy is available in the baby aisle of selected Morissons and Waitrose stores and from online stockists.  They are a great, convenient, nutritious, mess-free snack for toddlers on the go!


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