Monday, 21 March 2011

Aldi vs Heinz Ketchup

We eat a lot of tomato sauce in this house.  Daddy has a real thing for condiments and the little ones seem to have inherited his love of sauces.  We do buy Heinz Ketchup as a rule, we've never considered buying another brand.  It seems ingrained in our psyche to pop a bottle of Heinz in the shopping basket.  However, it is very expensive.  It now costs £1.95 in the squeezy bottle that we favour.  Even when it's on BOGOF it is still fast becoming  luxury item price wise.  Aldi's Bramwell Tomato Sauce came in a virtually identical bottle which I was impressed with, and priced at just 69p is a fraction of the price.

So, the taste test was again very close.  Kizzy preferred the Heinz ketchup because it was "less tomatoey" which I thought was quite ironic.  On reading the ingredients list the Bramwells did contain more tomatoes per 100g of product, stating that each bottle contained 24 ripe tomatoes.  That to me, sounds like a better quality product!  I was surprised at how synthetic and starchy the Heinz tasted by comparison.  For a more natural tasting sauce and a big cash saving, I'd definitely switch brands.


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