Monday, 7 March 2011

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee with Aromettes!

I always blog about my love of Coffee's the smell that really does it for when I was offered the chance of sampling Douwe Egbert's exciting new Aromettes, I jumped at the opportunity!

Aromettes are individually pressed ground coffee servings in the shape of a coffee bean. I was sent both the Smooth and Intense Aroma varieties.  Each tub contained 30 servings of fresh, ground coffee.

During the day I'm a decaffeinated coffee drinker, so when I have "real coffee" it's a real treat.  So I was very excited at the prospect of a 'proper cup of coffee from a proper cup of coffee pot' a.k.a. a cafetiere!

Opening the foil seal from the tub I was hit by the gorgeous smell of ground coffee....I was transported to my favourite coffee shops, inhaling that wonderful evocative scent.  The beans are enough for one cup of coffee so for me and my husband to indulge together we popped two in our cafetiere.  It was that simple.  No messy scoops or spilling grinds everywhere...just two beans, add water just off the boil, stir and leave for 3-4 minutes.  Being pressed ensures that the coffee remains at its very freshest.  The smell just got better as it brewed.

After 4 minutes we pressed our plunger and poured two cups of freshly brewed coffee in our cups.   Douwe Egbert's have really got it spot on.  The coffee was smooth, full of flavour and fresh.  The strength was perfect, eliminating any guess work over how much to put in.  It made a delightful cup of coffee.  It is good to know that we can recreate that perfection everytime we make some using one bean per cup.  So's genius!

Aromettes really appeal to me as I find making ground coffee a bit laborious and inconsistent.  However I do love the taste and of course that unbeatable aroma!  Priced at £3.69 a pack you get 30 Coffee House quality cups of coffee.  Perfect for when you want the unbeatable taste of real coffee.  They will definitely revolutionise coffee drinking Inside the Wendy House!

*The coffee making kit was supplied for the purpose of this review but the opinions are my own!*


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