Friday, 25 March 2011

Aldi vs PG Tips

Next up on the Aldi Swap and Save Challenge is tea bags.  Recent research says that the humble cuppa is in decline, being replaced by fruit teas and green teas, particularly in the 16-24 year old age range!  The younger generations are not converting to tea as their drink of choice.  Could the sharp increase in the price of the big brands be in any way responsible?  Many of the student population shop in Aldi as a quality discount store...could Aldi's own brand of tea offer a cheap alternative and rekindle the populations love of tea!

I am not personally a big tea drinker...but I do enjoy the odd mug of black tea.  Will I be able to tell the difference between the top brand with the big price tag and the quality Aldi discount brand?

Another result where I'd happily consume either brand, so the cheaper version would save me cash! 160 PG Tips tea bags costs £4.19 whereas 80 Aldi tea bags cost £1.39 (I couldn't find an exact price for the pack I received.)


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