Friday, 25 March 2011


I know a lot of fellow Mummy Bloggers who are now devotees of Sterimar.  I seen blog posts, read reviews and replied to tweets regarding the joys of nasal hygiene.  So when I was contacted to trial Sterimar for myself, I was keen to get in on this exciting new product!  Like most households, we are blighted by colds all year round, and there is nothing sadder than a snuffling baby struggling to feed and sleep.  Sterimar sounded like a real solution to an age old problem.

I received two 50ml cans (approx 150 sprays) of Sterimar Baby and a zip up bag, ready to begin our own test Inside the Wendy House.   I set about finding out more information regarding Sterimar and how it works.

Sterimar is a pure, gentle and natural sea water nasal spray that is completely drug and preservative free.  Used daily, it moisturises and clears the nasal passages to relieve the dry, stuffy symptoms of hayfever, rhinitis, colds, sinusitis and other nasal conditions.  It can also relieve congestion and blocked noses associated with heavy colds or chronic rhinitis.  There are no side effects or withdrawal symptoms from its use.  It provides natural relief and restores nasal breathing.  It allows the nose to work efficiently as the first line of defense against airborne contaminants.  It protects us from pollution, smoke, dust and from microbes, so a healthy nasal lining can help keep us protected from these foreign bodies.

The health benefits of sea water have been recognised for centuries.  The water used in Sterimar is collected from deep waters off the Northern coast of France to guarantee its purity.  It is then filtered, diluted and microbiologically controlled to produce an aseptic sea water solution.  It is isotonic meaning it has the same salt levels as cells in the human body, so it does not interfere with our own delicate balance and is extremely gentle and natural  in working with the body.

Sterimar Baby is suitable from 3 months old and can be used to help keep baby's nasal passages clear and unblocked.  Babies can't blow their own noses so any congestion interferes with their breathing and feeding.  Sterimar offers a natural way to assist them.  The nozzle is specifically designed for safety and cannot be inserted too far up the nose.  The gentle low pressure spray is comfortable and prevents inhalation.  It is easy to apply, even when battling a wriggly toddler.

So...armed with all the science and the benefits of this product which is used and loved by millions of people worldwide, I was ready to test it.  I have to confess though, I was more than a little bit trepidated about squirting the English Channel up my son's nose!!  There is just something about noses that gets me a little wobbly!!  So I decided to try it out on myself first.  I was amazed that the refreshing squirt was most pleasant.  It wasn't the eye-watering experience I expected which I feared would leave me feeling like I'd inhaled a swimming pool.  Instead it was fresh and cleansing and I felt that I could breathe better.  Feeling confident now I set upon my 8 year old to practice using it on somebody else before trying it on its intended user Freddy.  With a lot of giggling, we sprayed up both her nostrils.  She said, quite eloquently "You know when you've eaten a mint and you breathe in and it feels all fresh?  Well this is what this feels like!"  So, thumbs up from her!

It is important to wash the nozzle with hot soapy water between uses to reduce any risk of cross contamination, which we did.  Then we used it on Freddy.  I sat him down with his head tilted and gave a little spray with the nozzle just inside his tiny nostril.  We repeated on the other side, then gave his nose a little wipe.  He was unable to verbalise his opinion, but he was unphased,  quite happy and ran off to play.  He has been a bit snuffly so I'll be interested to see if it makes a difference to him at bedtime.

I could definitely be a convert to nasal hygiene, the Sterimar way!!  My 19 year old daughter suffers from  hayfever every year.  I will recommend she gives it a try.  It's a much nicer alternative to the chemical medications on the market.  I'd be interested to see if it makes a difference for her.  Definitely something not to be sniffed at!!!

Sterimar is available at Boots, Lloyds and Superdrug and from other independent and supermarket pharmacies.


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