Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Graco Symbio & Fusio Reviewed

As a Graco Ambassador I have been incredibly fortunate to have both the Symbio and the Fusio in my pushchair collection.  I regularly use both of them and genuinely love them both.  Here's an overview of both pushchairs.


  • Flip over handle to allow for interaction with baby at anytime.  I loved this feature!
  • Really soft snuggly material for the seat and cosy toes.
  • Excellent hand operated braking system.
  • Smooth handling with pneumatic tyres, suspension and good size swivel wheels.  The Symbio could handle different terrains with ease.
  • Good height for tall parents and lovely to push!
  • Really stylish design and has an attachable matching baby bag.
  • The storage basket is OK for everyday essentials but you can't fit bulging shopping bags underneath.  Nor can you hang them from the handles, so you need a helper willing to carry your bags for you on a mammoth shopping spree!
  • The Symbio pushchair chassis folds down separately from the seat so although this is perfect for transporting it by car, you couldn't carry the folded down Symbio, the seat and your baby singlehandedly.  



  • The Fusio is a lightweight stroller with the benefits of a travel system and with the option of fitting the seat in either a forward or backward facing position.
  • Big storage basket and separate handles perfect for lightweight bags, which allows for maximum shopping!
  • Easy to manoeuvre indoors...perfect for shopping centres.
  • Really simple to use raincover...genius!
  • Folds down easily and can be carried one handed.
  • Excellent for public transport.
  • The small wheels make it less adaptable for off roading.  Bumping up kerbs is easy though, if you use your foot on the back to tip the Fusio up.
  • It is quite a narrow may not suit a chunkier toddler until they are 3 years old.
I use both pushchairs regularly.  Both are well designed for functionality and style. The Fusio is great for shopping trips.  It fits well in the car allowing extra space for shopping bags.  It also has the capacity to carry quite a lot of shopping (but remember to take care not to tip the Fusio by overloading it!)  It is easy to use and Freddy is comfy and snug.  I took the Fusio to Central London for the Ideal Home Show and it was a real asset to have it on the trains and tubes and at the show itself.  
The Symbio is a delight to push when out and about.  I love to use it when I'm going for long walks, on the school run or on days out. It handles obstacles with ease and it feels safe and secure.  It is a dream to handle and is ultra comfy for Freddy.   

Graco really have scored top marks on both pushchairs.  Freddy is equally happy in both and sleeps beautifully in either.  I'm glad I don't have to choose between them...they are both brilliant and I consider myself incredibly lucky to be a two pushchair family!


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