Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Choco Puffs...a Breakfast Evolution!

The Honey Monster may soon be called the Chocolate Monster following the release of Sugar Puffs' latest breakfast evolution.  In a chocolatey twist on classic Sugar Puffs, natural wheat puffs are glazed with chocolate flavour syrup.  Fortified with vitamins and iron, Choco Puffs contain no artificial additives and are a good source of dietary fibre.

We were sent a box of Choco Puffs to try out Inside the Wendy House for the purpose of this review.  As we don't usually buy chocolate breakfast cereals, I was interested to find out more about them.  Freddy was quite curious too, he liked the brightly coloured packaging and the Honey Monster on the front! ( The Honey Monster is back on our TV screens after a two year break, this launch coincides with his return!)
The Facts: 30g of Choco Puffs contains 112 calories and contains B vitamins and Iron essential for a healthy diet.  A bowlful contains 14% of an adult's RDA of sugar.  It is low fat and high in fibre. They are suitable for vegetarians and contain nothing artificial.  That all sounded pretty good to me!
Testing:  My tiny testers enjoyed trying the Choco Puffs.  Freddy prefers his cereal dry and it makes a perfect snacktime treat for his Munchkin Snack Cup.  It's a much better option than a chocolate bar or a biscuit, as it has the extra benefit of the added vitamins and iron. It makes a good finger food for a hungry toddler with a high demand for energy.

Kizzy has hers for breakfast and again as an after school snack...she says "They are really nice.  I love the chocolate flavour and the puffy texture!"  Again they make a good alternative to high fat, low fibre snacking when she gets home from school hungry.  A real chocolatey hit!

Teenager Ella grabs handfuls from the box on her way past and calls them "Delicious chocolatey puffs!"  They got a thumbs up from all three of the children.  They also loved the quizzes on the back of the pack, which were a great fun addition!

As part of a balanced diet, Choco Puffs can provide a fun, friendly, fortified, delicious start to the day.  They are a perfect option for reluctant cereal eaters and would encourage breakfast consumption in even the fussiest eaters.  It has been proven that eating breakfast helps aid concentration, keeps you alert and keeps energy levels up. Vitamins and iron are essential for healthy growth and development. Choco Puffs taste like a sweet treat, and yet they can give your child a good wholesome, nutritious start to the day.  As my children discovered they also make a great anytime snack!  I was impressed with Choco Puffs...I even tried a bowlful myself and I have to say they were really tasty and very more-ish!

With a RRP of £1.99, Choco Puffs are available now from Sainsbury's and Morisson's.


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