Monday, 14 March 2011

Johnson's Baby Soft Bath...Rediscover Baby Softness!

For over 70 years Johnson's has been an iconic brand in our homes.  We trust it for use with our precious babies, and now more and more of us are rediscovering the luxury of babysoftmess for ourselves!

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Enriched with the pampering benefits of moisturising Baby Lotion, Johnson's Baby Soft Bath is mild and soap free, and creates a rich lather when swirled into running water . It leaves skin smelling babyfresh and feeling babysoft.  The iconic fragrance is predominantly rose and jasmine and it smells gorgeous.  It has the No More Tears stamp of approval, the guarantee of its mild and free formula.

How to Create the Perfect Soft Bath Experience

  1. Make time for some Me-Time...even 10 minutes a day to wind down and digest the day's information can leave you with with a clear mind and a calm head.
  2. Run your bath and add Johnson's Baby Soft Bath to create a rich, luxurious lather.  Sprinkle over rose petals if you are feeling decadent!
  3. Sip a cup of camomile tea to relax the nerves and boost the immune system. (Failing that a glass of wine would do the trick!)
  4. Light some rose scented candles to complement your bath perfectly.
  5. Step into the bath and place pieces of cool cucumber over your eyes for 10 minutes to reduce puffiness.
  6. Relax and surround yourself in the luxurious softness and indulge yourself.  Once you have found your peaceful state of mind, step up and wrap yourself in a warm fluffy towel.
  7. Notice your soft silky skin and emerge ready to take on the world!
I was sent a 500ml of Johnson's Baby Soft Bath to try for myself.  I don't often indulge myself with baths, usually grabbing hurried showers when my toddler goes to sleep.  So I pencilled myself in for some pampering time with the help of my lovely husband!  He even ran my bath and popped my towel on the radiator!  I locked myself away and sank into a tub full of bubbles.  It was bliss!  What had I been missing out on!  I emerged feeling silky soft and smelling babyfresh....exactly as promised!

Johnson's Soft Bath is suitable for babies and for delicate skins....but it also wonderful for us mums!  Rediscover Baby Softness for yourself, you won't be disappointed!

So iconic I made it into Pop Art!!!

Priced at an economy busting £2.99 for 500ml, Johnson's is affordable luxury for the whole family!  


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