Sunday, 27 March 2011

Keepsake Critters...My Mohawk Monster

A  "Keepsake Critter" is a bespoke hand made heirloom lovingly created from your child's old clothing or blankets.  Collectable creatures made from favourite fabric keeps your memories alive!

When I was offered the chance to review the Keepsake Critter experience for myself I was delighted.  I was bowled over by the idea of turning a piece of Freddy's old clothing into a cherished memento of his babyhood!  I knew right away what I wanted to send to Ruth for her to do her magic...Freddy's first pair of big boy pyjamas that he had when he is 5 months old!

Keepsake Critters

We have wonderful memories of him in his PJ's!  Cuddling with Mummy and Daddy and clowning around looking like a little grown-up in his snuggly pyjamas.  But little babies grow into big boys and soon his jim jams were too small!
Keepsake Critters

So I was happy to send them to Summerland for their transformation, giving them a new lease of life as a Keepsake Critter.  I downloaded the order form and packaged up the pyjamas to begin their journey!  The order process was very straightforward and the form was easy to fill in.

Keepsake Critters

We popped the package in the post and then we had to wait for our Keepsake Critter to arrive home!

It was just over a week until our package arrived.  We excitedly opened it to find a lovely hand made cloth bag tied with a ribbon.  A gorgeous smell of lavender filled the air and I thought that it was a lovely touch to add the scent to our package with a matching hand sewn lavender pillow.  A hand made label read "Freddy's Critter made from his first grown-up PJ's." The whole experience  was shaping up to be a wonderful and thoughtful one.  It is the little personal touches that makes Summerland such a lovely company to deal with.

When I saw our Keepsake Critter Mohawk Monster, I couldn't help but smile!  He was extremely cute with his quirky expression and button eyes.  I loved that Ruth had used the pocket of the pyjamas on the Critter's tummy.  The soft felt mohawk, hands and feet contrasted perfectly with the material I had provided, tying the whole appearance of our Critter together.  Our original bespoke creation is indeed a charming and fun keepsake!
Keepsake Critters

The Keepsake Critter would make a thoughtful personalised gift and is a lasting memento.  Any item of clothing from baby's first outfit, to a dress worn on a memorable holiday to a favourite pair of trousers can be transformed into a monster, a mouse, a cat or a rabbit to keep forever. Priced at £25 and with free p & p, the whole experience is a unique, great value idea for any occasion.

This is what Kizzy thinks of PJ our Keepsake Critter!


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