Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The Diet Plate

I have blogged before about my yo-yo dieting efforts and how my weight fluctuates between two points a stone apart from one week to the next.  I seem to literally be able to lose or put on half a stone overnight!  I've used hypnosis with some positive results but my problem is my refusal to leave food on my plate when I feel full.  I don't know if it is the conditioning from my childhood where I was told to finish all my food because there were starving children in Africa who would be grateful for the food that was put in front of me!   My relationship with food has been a real love/hate affair.  I love stuffing down the cake, I hate what it does to my body!  I am constantly on the look out for a way to get to grips with my appetite and my diet.  I was offered the chance to review a meal replacement shake diet but I turned it down as these quick fix programmes just don't work on me.  My friend swears by her slimming club, but I'm not someone who thrives on the support group mentality and the counting Sins approach to my weightloss.

Then, I saw a press release for a product on the market called The Diet Plate.  It offered the Complete Weight Management Solution using "the plate that counts calories so you don't have to".  I was intrigued!

The system comprised of a plate and bowl which takes care of portion sizes, whatever you cook.  This practical and visual weight loss programme can be used everyday instead of using a diet sheet, counting calories, fat grams or allotting points.  There is no messy or demoralising weighing of food and you can eat with the rest of the family which sends an important message to your children regarding healthy eating.

The Calibrated Bowl is designed to provide a 200 calorie serving of any breakfast with semi-skimmed milk.  You just serve up to the correct colour band for the cereal of your choice.  It also works for soup by filling the bowl to the colour band for the soup you have chosen, it insures you keep your calorie intake in check.

The Plate is divided into sections for each food group.  The patterned plate has an area for protein, starchy carbohydrates and unlimited salad and vegetables.  There is a measuring area for combination meals such as curry and rice or spaghetti bolognese and even a cheese cube area if you want to include a piece with your meal.  It works for a vegetarian diet too.

The portion control element of the plan is the key to weightloss.  The non-dictatorial programme means no food is out of bounds which helps stop cravings...but obviously healthier low fat choices wield greater results!
The Dinner Plate is beautifully decorated with encouraging positive thinking slogans and made from quality fine earthenware.  The system includes a comprehensive handbook with a detailed 8 week plan covering topics such as food groups, setting goals and the psychology of diets.

I was so impressed with the concept of The Diet Plate that I contacted the creator and director Kay Illingworth to discuss the possibility of me testing the system and writing about my experience on my blog.  She agreed to send me the Female System in return for my commitment to the programme.  So here I am about to embark on this unique and exciting way to lose weight.

Check out the website for details on their other products which are also suitable for men and children. Read the amazing testimonials from satisfied customers, one of which has lost an incredible 17 stone!  I'm sure you will be equally impressed!

Follow me to find out how I get on with The Diet Plate!


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