Friday, 4 March 2011

Flashback Friday...School Memories

I've spent a lot of time this week thinking about my school years since hearing of the tragic sudden death of an old school friend. I went to Herschel High School, a grammar school in Slough.  It wasn't all bad!  I found the work easy and coasted through the exams.  I wasn't in the popular crowd but I had some very good friends.  My very best school friend Lianne,on the right in this picture, is someone I don't see anywhere near enough.  We stay in touch but aren't very good at it.  She still lives down south whereas I'm now a relative Northerner (north of Watford at least!)  She juggles motherhood of two little ones, with being a high flying professional. I've been a SAHM on and off since I was 19!  Our paths diverged but she will always be my best friend.  We went through a lot together (well, I put her through a lot to be honest...she was a saint!)  I spent more time at her house than I did at my own.  I dedicate this post to my very best friend and vow to try to do better.  She has just had a baby boy that I've never seen.  She has yet to meet Freddy who was born in 2009.  Real life gets in the way.  But knowing how fragile life can be, being busy or the distance between us shouldn't be a stumbling block to friendship. 

This picture was taken on the last day of term in the 5th form in 1985.  I'm the one with her legs on the table...not sure why??  Cute boots though!  I clearly favoured the rebellious skinny tied look!  I have some great memories of us lot together at school.  We had a laugh with the boys and have some good memories!


  1. Cute boots, long legs and a winning smile. No wonder I fell for you. Love you.XXX

  2. Wow! What a pose...must have been something about it being the last day of school. And you've shared a wonderful memory as well. You're lucky to have such a long lasting friendship. I hope you get to see each other soon! Thanks for taking part in #FlashbackFriday again! ;)


  3. Aww whata lovely comment from your man above :)
    It's a great old school photo, sorry to hear about the death of a fellow pupil though.

  4. Great legs there Wendy!

    Skinny ties were what the cool kids rocked ;)


  5. What an interesting account of your school days - I love the pic of you and three friends.
    It's great that you and Lianne still keep in touch and occasionally get the opportunity to see each other.



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