Saturday, 19 March 2011

A Day in The Life of My Diet

I'm now a couple of weeks into using my Diet Plate and I really am impressed.  The whole issue of portion control is at the root of many people's diet failings.  Underestimating calorie consumption is a real stumbling block to weight loss, and it leads to real frustration as you believe that you are not consuming too much food.

It is the cereal bowl which I think illustrates this point most effectively.  In the mornings I'd grab the first bowl to hand and mindlessly pour in the cereals without thought.  I'd be blissfully unaware that instead of the 170 calorie breakfast I thought I was eating, I'd be polishing off up to three times that amount.  Having a bowl that rations my cereals is the first step to gaining control and knowledge over what is passing my lips.

The plate's clearly defined areas for protein, carbohydratess and vegetables makes sure you don't ignorantly eat too much of the more calorific elements of your dinner.  It really does educate you into what you should be eating for a well balanced 1300 calorie a day weightloss plan.  There is no pressure to leave any food on your plate, so you can scrape your plate without any feeling of guilt.  This is definitely working for me and my appetite is being sated by the free vegetables and the fruity snacks that are allowed.

I lost 4 lbs on the first week which is a great start to a new lifestyle!  Keep this up and I'll be svelte by the time I attend Cybermummy in June!

Here is a video diary of "A Day in the Life of my Diet".  You can see how easy it is and how it fits perfectly into family life.  No need to exclude myself from family meal times, and no tricky meal plans to follow.  Just serve and enjoy!

Check out The Diet Plate Shop to find out more!


  1. I like the sound of that diet - and I was quite surprised as to how much intake of food you can actually have. The evening meal looked delicious and the plate was quite full but, at the same time, obviously not too full. That plate is great.

  2. I would have piled my mash potato much higher!

  3. I love the look of this, it is so simple to use isn't it? I have heard before that it is an excellent way to lose weight and what I really like about it, is that, even if I fall off the wagon occasionally, which I do! It is not like I have to rush out and pay all over again. Suppose once you own one, you got it for life - ahhh a lifetime of staying slim, now that sounds great.



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