Friday, 4 March 2011

An Unexpected Gift from a Comment

I'm sure by now, everyone has heard the urban legend of the "Fairy Hob Mother", the mysterious visitor of blogs who reads the comments we leave and who surprises random bloggers with a surprise gift!  Like a modern day virtual Santa, Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny rolled into one!  I was over the moon to be visited by the lovely, hilariously funny Ian from Appliances Online, who wanted to send me a present!  I'd made a comment on Two Become Four's Reasons to be Cheerful post.  Ian saw my comment and then visited my blog and read about my love of horror films and decided that this would be an ideal book for Inside the Wendy House!
What a fantastic choice and 100% totally right up our 'Nightmare on Elm Street'!!  The forward by Wes Craven has me wanting to read the whole book in one sitting.  Packed with tips and advice, I know I'll be a Zombie Holocaust Survivor when the inevitable happens!

I was thrilled to become a part of this phenomena and totally impressed that a company can take such a keen and caring interest in our blogs and the people behind them!  The lovely folk at Appliances Online are obviously enjoying every moment of this, and are choosing such thoughtful presents for everyone.  It gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside :)

If you are ever in the market for new white goods for your home, check out their website.  They have put the customer at the heart of their business, offering free advice, a price match promise, free delivery, 10 day returns guarantee and a connection and recycling service.  They didn't ask me to say any of this by the way...but it sounded too good not to give them a plug!!

If you'd like the chance of maybe becoming the next blogger chosen to receive a special treat leave a comment on this post.  It makes my day when I receive comments on my posts, so not only will it make me happy, it might also make you very happy if you get chosen next!

You never know who might be watching! XXX


  1. Damn it. I want to got to the ball too!

  2. What a fabulous idea! I completely appreciate this as a gift for you, seeing as you're about as obsessed with horror films as I am!

    I think I need to do a horror theme for my movie meme one week (at least), although if it's anything like this week, I'm gonna have to remortgage my house to be able to watch all these film diamonds! xx

  3. Hi - I had actually never heard about the Fairy Hob Mother but what a lovely thing to do. Enjoy!

  4. Not you as well ;)
    The hobmother really is getting about a bit!
    Lovely gift x

  5. The Fairy Hob Mother certainly knows how to pick a gift. That has to be the perfect present for you. I'm sure it will find pride of place in your living room somewhere between the slasher DVDs and the horror icons framed poster. Look forward to having a lick through next time I'm round for coffee in the London Dungeon severed heads mug!

  6. Wow, what a lovely lovely company.... Who needs PR when a company can be so thoughtful all by themselves. They've certainly won me over xx

  7. Well Wendy - this gift would scare me to death - but I guess that is the point, they know what actually suits you!

  8. What a gift. This will become another must read for the household. Come the apocalypse we will be ready. XX

  9. I've only just found this... so happy you got a 'visit'!!! :)

  10. What a gift. This will become another must read for the household. Come the apocalypse we will be ready. XX



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