Monday, 28 March 2011

My Little Recording Star

For Christmas we bought Ella a 3 hour recording session at Sweetharmonies Recording Studio in Birmingham.  Yesterday was the day she had been waiting for for over 3 months.  Sod's Law that she had a really horrible cold and sore throat, but not to be perturbed, she went with her dad for a 9am start and managed to record three original tracks and an Adele cover in her time slot.  She also had her session videoed which was fabulous for me as I wasn't there to watch it live.  The sound engineer was very impressed with her and her songwriting ability.

Here are two live recordings of Ella in action at the Recording Studio.  These are both original songs she has written herself.  I'm such a proud mummy :)


  1. What a lovely voice she has and Beautiful Rescue has a great hook. I started off doing some recording when I was 15 and now I sing with a band which gives me loads of practice plus you get paid to do what you love. I'll be looking out for this future star! x

  2. What can I say - my beautiful, talented granddaughter has once again excelled herself with her song writing, singing and playing the guitar. I have to ask myself "where do her talents end"

  3. What a talented young lady! Well done Ella.



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