Sunday, 20 March 2011

Aldi vs McVities

Chocolate biscuits are a bit of a luxury in our we were interested in trying Aldi's choccie biccies in our Swap and Save test to see if a cheaper brand could make them more affordable.

The Aldi brand was definitely a favourable alternative.  If they were not being directly compared, I don't think anyone would have questioned their quality.  Definitely a good alternative!  My teenager Ella really liked the Aldi Chocolate Biscuits and has requested that I start buying them...a thumbs up indeed!


  1. Fab taste test Wendy house family. I had to do this with biscuits for a firm recently and I had to drink water and eat a water biscuit in between tastings to cleanse the palate.
    Aldi's are known for quality foods so not surprised you picked them, plus with the difference being so slight price would win it for me. Blooming ridiculous that a pack of biscuits is that price now, sad too!

  2. I really enjoyed that - I've popped in from BMB as starting to use vlogging on Mari's World too. Keep up the taste challenges and see you soon

  3. The difference is truly slight. There would be no complaints recieving the Aldi ones with a nice cuppa.

  4. I enjoyed watching that :-)
    So nice to seeeeeee you xxx

  5. I have tried Aldi chocolate biscuits and thought they were lovely and, at a fraction of the price of other varieties, I was most impressed.



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