Thursday, 3 February 2011

Thinking Slimmer...a Battle with my Body!

My weight has always fluctuated.  Ever since having my daughter in 1991 when I developed pre-eclampsia and put on five stone.  Before then I was always very slim, and in my mind I am still that person.  Sometimes I look in the mirror or catch a glimpse of myself in the reflection of a shop window and I feel quite horrified that my physical appearance doesn't match my mental image of myself.

I am tall (5ft 11") so I carry my weight all over, rather than storing fat on my bum or belly in isolation.  Sometimes this makes it harder to diet, because any weight-loss is more subtle so less gratifying. I waiver between a UK size 12 and a wardrobe is full of clothes, only a fraction of which fit me at any one time.

Me in the kitchen!

At the moment, I'd like to lose a stone in weight.  I can do it, when I put my mind to it I find the challenge of self-denial quite enjoyable.  But by its very essence, self-denial does not work.  The second I let something calorific pass my lips, the spell is broken and I'm back on the biscuits.  I'm an all or nothing dieter!  The idea of permissible sins just would not work on me.

I also suffer from having no sensation of being full.  I can eat and eat.  Whereas my husband leaves stuff on his plate or refuses seconds, I can plough my way through any amount of food.  I won't feel stuffed, sick or have any need to stop.  This makes food control really hard unless I am 100% committed.

This is not a satisfactory or healthy way to conduct myself.  I need a total change of lifestyle forever, not a quick fix diet.

When Thinking Slimmer offered me the chance to review their Slimpod hypnosis program, I accepted hoping it could be the key to unlocking my problem.  It promises to re-tune your mind to shift the focus of your unconscious, to make you feel fuller and more satisfied quicker.

I started the trial back in November and had some success really quickly.  I felt full for the first time ever, and felt ecstatic to leave food on my plate. It was really working! Unfortunately, for me it went wrong.  After losing 7lbs, 14 days into the trial, something changed.  I'd feel full and just eat through it.  I ended up binging and although still listening to the Slimpods, I felt distracted.  I sabotaged my own success by ignoring what my body was telling me.  Christmas's temptations and a heavy cold sabotaged my efforts.  Over the festive period I put on the weight I'd lost.  The Slimpod was shelved.

Then in January I received an email from Thinking Slimmer asking how my trial had gone.  I told them what had happened, but rather than making me feel like a failure, I received huge support and encouragement.  The Slimpod was obviously working for me until something inside me stopped it from doing its job.  I was also a bit lazy with my success log, I thought that losing weight was enough, so I wasn't giving it full committment.  I just had to get back on it and not be too hard on myself!

 I was even given a phonecall from Sandra Royston-Davis, a top Harley Street hypnotist and founder of the Slimpod. She is very knowledgeable and explained a bit about how the Slimpod works in conjunction with the brain to achieve results. She talked me through what I was doing and decided that my best course of action was to start again completely from scratch and to fill out a weight loss 'contract' with myself setting three achievable goals.  I've chosen:

1: Lose a stone before my birthday in April.
2: Enjoy walking with the family at weekends...I've already got a book of family friendly walks in Cheshire and a pair of walking boots.
3: Buy myself a new pair of new jeans that actually fit well and get a haircut after losing a stone...both things I have avoided doing for way too long!

I was also advised to commit to filling out my 21 day Success Log, to record changes I notice.  The changes don't just happen to your weight, but also to your self-esteem and confidence.  I was encouraged to listen to the Slimpod everyday for 21 days and then how ever often I needed to after that until I reach my target weight.  Then I can switch to a maintenance Slimpod.

Sandra reminded me about the website which is rich in advice, support, recipes, tips and testimonials.  It is quite inspirational and makes you feel like you are not alone in your attempt to lose weight.  Membership to their VIP area is included in the cost of the Slimpod.  It is a total package for one inclusive price.

The fact that my glitch was acknowledged has given me even more confidence in the product.  This is a program for life, it is permanent and not just a faddy, quick fix scheme!

Last night I listened to my Slimpod.  Today I feel really positive.  I've had no urge to snack today and didn't even look at the cakes when I was in Tesco.  I also didn't finish Freddy's lunch leftovers which I usually do without even thinking.  I will keep blogging about my weight-loss journey...let's hope I succeed!  With the support that is available to every Thinking Slimmer customer, I know I am not alone!

Check them out on Facebook, Twitter or on their website for friendly advice and information!


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