Tuesday, 22 February 2011

I've Got a New Banner!

It's a sad state of affairs, but I really think I have reached the apex of my ability in technology.  Try as I may, I just do not understand the concept of HTML and pixels and all the other scary things that you need to know to take your blog to the next level.  I googled tutorials and I just felt bereft.

I was the clever kid at school.  I was the one who didn't have to try.  Things came easy to me and with minimum effort I coasted through GCSE's and A'Levels with top grades.  So to feel unable to do something that other people are doing all the time made me feel really inadequate.  I'm embarrassed to say I was a right misery yesterday.  My husband works with computers but he is more a of a nuts and bolts man who can strip down and rebuild a huge corporate server, but can't tinker with the subtleties of my blog's HTML he couldn't really help me when it came to designing and creating my banner.

I am lucky enough to have an incredibly creative niece, Liberty.  She made QWERTY Mum's beautiful banner so I figured I really needed her expert help.  I sent her a sad and pathetic little message.  She jumped straight onto it and I entrusted the design to her.  I also entrusted my Google password to her so she could tinker with it in situ.  I half expected to find some cheeky edits in my posts, but it looks like my lovely niece behaved herself despite having Access All Areas!

I stayed off my blog until I received the phone call saying it was done.  I was delighted!  She did a fantastic job incorporating my Wendy House image with a picture of me and Freddy to give my blog a bit of personality whilst retaining my brand identity. It has brought my blog up a notch and made me very happy indeed.

Liberty blogs at Liberty Falls Down.  She is a very talented young writer and her blog is fresh and full of humour.  Pop across and check her out.  Her latest post is a tutorial on how she created my banner.  You can read it here "A Banner for Inside the Wendy House".

Thanks you lots xxx


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