Tuesday, 15 February 2011

My Carry Potty Review

Freddy is 19 months old now.  He tells us when he's filled his nappy by pulling at his trousers and saying "poo!"  He's at a definite turning point in his development and heading rapidly towards being potty trained.

When I got the opportunity to review My Carry Potty I jumped at the chance.  I was familiar with the concept and thought it was a great idea to give ownership of the potty to the child, instilling a sense of pride and achievement during the tricky transition of toilet training.  Anything that adds a sense of fun to the process is sure to be a real plus!

My Carry Potty is a lightweight, fully portable potty that has a clip shut lid which transforms it into a carry case.  My son loves carrying around his sister's lunch box on the school run, so he immediately took a shine to the lovely bright blue My Carry Potty (also available in pink and yellow).  He saw it as his own!  A great start to the potty training process.

When training a child to use a potty, it is an awkward time.  My Carry Potty is completely portable and discreet so it can come with you anywhere, giving your child the familiarity of his own potty whenever he needs it.  With the snap shut lid, you can transport the potty's contents until you can dispose of it hygienically.  No more having to sling baby poo into a hedge or pour wee down a drain on a public road (we've all had those shameful moments!!)  It is completely leakproof and odour proof too. Perfect for car journeys!

My Carry Potty has been designed by mums for mums.  It is such a simple yet ingenious concept....I just wish it had been available 20 years ago when I was potty training my first born son!

Just think of the money you will save by potty training your child when he's ready...£8.40 a week is the average spend on nappies for a toddler.  With My Carry Potty you don't need to put training off because you're worried about leaving the house and being out and about with your toddler without a nappy!

Available for just £24.99, it is a real solution to many of the problems associated with potty training.  Perfect for home or away, indoors and out  it's the only potty you'll ever need.

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