Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Five Things That Make Me Feel Good

This lovely little meme has been flying around blogdom for quite a while, started by Scottish Mum.  No one actually tagged me *sobs* but as my sister has written her post I will consider myself tagged by proxy!  However, after deciding to do this I've really, really struggled to think of anything that makes me feel good which doesn't involve my children or my husband.  I didn't sleep well last night and spent many an insomnia fuelled hour contemplating my personal happiness.  Is my own happiness so inextricably linked to my family's happiness that I have lost sight of who I am?  Or am I just so genuinely content that I have no need of having a role beyond that of mother and wife?  So a cute little meme turned into a psychological exploration of my self!  I don't do make-up, me-time, socialising, high heels, jewellery, fashion, long baths, flowers or fine dining.  Everything I do, and have done since I was 19 years old,  revolves around hands-on mothering.  I never really became the 'me' that I might have been, had my life taken a different path.  I do not regret a thing, but this is an observation.  I have found my happiness vicariously through my loved ones.  So the things that make me feel good have a lot to do with them.

That is what makes me happy.

1:  When my Baby Falls Asleep in my Arms 

There is something so magical about that moment when my baby boy relaxes into me.  His limbs fall and become heavy by his sides.  His breathing slows down and deepens.  His beautifully calm journey towards slumber delights me.  I breathe him in.  I hold him in my nurturing embrace and cherish the moment.  It makes me happy.

2: My House Filled with Music

Both my daughter and my husband are musical.  Our house has a collection of guitars that Hendrix would be proud of!  Music is a big part of our household.  Ella at 14 has surpassed her Dad's talents and is becoming an impressive songwriter.  I've watched her technique improve.  She has a real maturity in her lyrics that amazes me.  I am so proud of her.  But further than it, she loves it, she shares it, she let's us sing along and isn't precious about her musicality.  That is what makes me happiest of all.

3:  Cuddling
I love to cuddle.  It makes me feel good.  Safe, secure, content and loved.  I cuddle my baby, I cuddle my kids.  Even my two eldest come to me for a cuddle when we see each other.  Getting a hug from my 22 year old son is particularly pleasing....although he's a man now, he knows he is still and always will be my baby!  We're a demonstrative bunch...that makes me feel good.

4:  Going for a Coffee
This features regularly in my favourite thing style posts.  I just love going for a coffee.  It feels decadent, grown-up, makes me feel good.  The smell of coffee beans, the plush interiors (particularly plush to justify the astronomical cost of a cuppa!) and the mind boggling range of beverages never fail to please me!

5: Snuggling in my Slanket
I love my cuddly, cosy slanket.  It was a present from my husband and is a luscious chocolate brown colour.  Snuggling up on the sofa with the family watching a good film is a real feel good thing!   I love feeling warm...I'm one of those people who always has cold feet so I need to be wrapped in cosiness to feel good!


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