Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Movie Meme Week 1...The 21st Century!

Hannah has come up with a brand new Movie Meme linky for us all to enjoy.  Yay Metal Mummy!!  Her prompt for this first week is really broad... a 21st Century film, which gives us a whole decade of cinematography  to choose from.

There are so many fabulous films that no sooner do I decide on one, I think of ten others that are just as worthy. However after much deliberation I have decided on a film that I think sums up this brave new world of movie making.  Or more to the point re-making!!

Hollywood has taken upon itself recently to take inspiration from the late 70's/80's which was my era for discovering great movies that influenced my life.  When I hear that they are remaking my favourite films, I take the news with a degree of trepidation.  All too often the classics are destroyed by an ill conceived, over budgeted travesty.  However, this film remake is a triumph, reworking the essence of the original at the same time as interweaving a back story which serves to bulk out the lead character, adding flesh to his bones and giving an injection of empathy to one of horror's greatest antagonists.

Rob Zombie's Halloween (2007) is the film I have chosen.  Reworking the original slasher classic unleashes the mask wearing Michael Myers for a bloody rollercoaster ride.  The re-telling of the original story unfolds alongside the back story that reveals the secrets of young Michael's childhood.  We discover the horrors that created the monster.  It was a brave move by Rob Zombie and it worked brilliantly with the excellent casting of the young angel-faced Myers.  New life was breathed into one of film history's most terrifying tales.

This re-make restored my faith in the concept of re-working originals and old favourites.  This is why I have chosen it for Hannah's meme!

*Sadly the remake of Halloween 2 sans Zombie was atrocious...another travesty. A remake of a classic that should have been left well alone.*


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